BUS RIDERS will be able to take adavantage of an offer enabling groups to travel at a discounted rate.

From Monday, Stagecoach will launch the 5 for a Fiver ticket, which will allow travel for between 2 and 5 people boarding together, adult or child to travel together all day on any Stagecoach bus.

The offer is valid in South and West Yorkshire and within the Chesterfield megarider Plus zone (excluding X10 and X6) on any day during summer from July 22 until the end of August when it will then revert to only being valid on Saturday, Sunday and on Bank Holidays.

A spokesman from Stagecoach said: "You can buy your 5 for a fiver ticket from any Stagecoach bus driver any day during summer until the end of August and it's also available on the Stagecoach app."