RSPCA Cat Rehoming
Oscar was brought in as a stray with an injury by the RSPCA Inspectorate saying that he was a really friendly little boy aged about 2 years old.
His injury is now completely healed and this gorgeous  chilled out guy is looking for his forever home .....he is very people friendly and will make a great companion.

Marley came into the branch as his owners could no longer take care of himthrough no fault of his own.He is a sweet and gentle boy, though still a little bewildered by his sudden change of circumstances he is very laid back with not a nasty bone in his body.Marley is 3 years old and pure black with emerald green eyes.This boy so deserves his second chance of happiness and we hope he will find it very soon.


Gracie was originally re-homed by us as a kitten, she is now 3 years old and has been returned to us as her owners could no longer look after her, through no fault of her own. This recent upheaval has left Grace missing her creature comforts and feeling quite upset with the world and even a little grumpy....and we really want to help her by finding her the perfect cat-experienced home with adults who will let any handling of her be on her terms, until she comes to terms with her change of circumstances, starts to come out of her shell and return to being her old happy self.

She is looking for a quiet relaxing home where she can be the only pet as she prefers to have her human slaves all to herself.

Lillte Girl

This  cute little tabby girl is almost 3 years old and came into the RSPCA as her owner could no longer care for her.

She is very pretty and used to living with children, and although a little bewildered at the moment she is a friendly little girl and always happy to have a fuss and an ear rub.

Holly is a young girl, who came into RSPCA care with 6 tiny kittens.  She has been a very good Mum, and now that her lovely kittens have found new homes, Holly is nearly ready for her own big adventure.
Holly has always been a domestic cat, and loves people - she is brave and friendly, and will always come to you for a chin rub and a cuddle.  She's happy to sleep on the sofa next to her fosterer and she loves getting attention.  Holly is lively, and is keen to play at hunting with her toys.  Holly would like to get outdoors (eventually) and enjoy a full life after being restricted for so long with her babies.
Holly is probably about 1 year old, and in good condition (although a little thin - she has a big appetite, so she'll fill out soon). 
This gorgeous little lady was brought into the branch by RSPCA Inspectors....and she was heavily pregnant
so she gave birth to, and reared her babies in the home of one of our amazing fosterers.
Poppy has been a brilliant mum to her 4 kittens but now it's time to put her paws up and relax.......so she is still
enjoying being pampered in the same home, but now all the attention is centered on her !!
She is still only a youngster herself and has clearly missed out on a lot of her kittenhood.....her fosterer says that
now that she has got her "mum duties" out of the way she is very playful and enjoys lots of fuss, particularly
enjoying curling up on his lap in the evenings purring her little head off.
And as you can see she also has the longest white whiskers you've ever seen !!!

Sacha was brought in by RSPCA Inspectors - yet another cat found outside with 5 day old kittens on a very cold November day.

She was obviously struggling to feed the kittens and seemed very grateful to be taken to a nice warm house with plenty of food and TLC - where she and her

brood quickly settled in with one of our amazing fosterers, and during this time Sacha was happy for the fosterers 5 year old son to handle both her and her kittens - this shows what a gentle family cat she is.

All her kittens have now been re-homed and finally it is her time to shine and be pampered in her very own forever home.

Sacha is a quiet and gentle little cat and despite her rough beginnings we have promised her that she will soon have her very own family to pamper her.


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