RSPCA Cat Rehoming
Gracie and Star

Gracie was brought in by RSPCA Inspectorate having been noticed as a stray for several weeks.

According to vets she is about 2 years old and her tail has an old fracture, and she was also heavily pregnant so poor Gracie has not had a great start to her young life.

She went to one of our amazing fosterers but sadly when she started giving birth she ran into more problems which resulted in an emergency caesarean and only one live kitten.

Baby Star has done really well and being her only kitten Gracie has never let him out of her sight and therefore we shall be re-homing them together as we cannot possibly split them up.

So our gorgeous mother and son are an absolute dream team - Gracie is a quiet, gentle cat who is happy around children and Star is a typical kitten - energetic, funny and loving.

Even though Star is now 9 weeks old Gracie is very protective of him "only one" so we would only re-home them to a home where there are no other cats in the household.


Bluebell was brought in by RSPCA Inspectorate as her owner very sadly could no longer care for her and her kittens - which have all now been re-homed.

She is 2 years old and is a lovely friendly cat, she has been well looked after and is very people-friendly and happy around children.

Bluebell is beautiful both inside and out and will soon be looking for her forever home.


Polly is a gorgeous dark Tortie brought in by RSPCA Inspectors as her owners had moved out and left her behind during the summer but neighbours alerted us

to her plight because the weather was getting colder.

The neighbours have been feeding her well - in fact she is now just a bit overweight !!!  

Vets estimate that she is about 3 years old.

She is a bit bewildered at the moment but she is learning that she is now safe and warm and we have told her that we will find her the perfect home very soon.


Lenny M 9 Months

Lenny was brought in by the RSPCA Inspectors and he is about 9 months old.

He is a long-haired cat so will need a weekly brush to keep him looking handsome.

Lenny is a lovely boy, still a little bit shy but has never shown any aggression.

We have now had him castrated, microchipped and he's had his 1st vaccination

so will shortly be looking for his forever home.


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