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A HOYLANDSWAINE couple who help socialise future support dogs have won an award for their dedication to helping train the pups.


Maureen and David Lofthouse were named Puppy Socialisers of the Year by the national charity Support Dog.


They were given the award for their work giving pup, Ivor, the best start and helping him on his way to becoming a fully-trained support dog with the charity.


Support Dogs trains assistance dogs for children and adults with autism, epilepsy and physical disability, enabling them to lead safer, more independent lives.


Maureen and David began training Ivor a year ago, after they swore they would never have another dog when their beloved pet Buster died aged 16.


However the couple missed having a dog about the house and soon began socialising Ivor.


I opened the door, there he was, and I knew he wasn’t going anywhere,” said Maureen, 62. “It was love at first sight. We’d had a couple of holidays planned but then lockdown happened and holidays became irrelevant, so we decided to keep Ivor on.


He worked hard and played hard.” said Maureen. “He was also an utter tea towel thief - always coming up to me with one hanging out of either side of his mouth and I learned not to leave shoes or slippers on the floor.”


The couple recently bid farewell to the pup after looking after him for more than a year.


Maureen also came up with a fundraising campaign for the charity and has designed a Support Dogs tea towel which was inspired by Ivor's love of them.


Her idea has helped to raise more than £300.


Danny Anderson, fundraising manager from Support Dogs said: “We rely so much on the goodwill of our fantastic volunteers to help us train our life-transforming dogs, and although being a puppy socialiser can be extremely rewarding it can also be very demanding.


We’re very grateful to Maureen and David for their work with Ivor, and for their continuing involvement with our charity – they really go the extra mile for us.”

Gritters out to keep Barnsley roads open

GRITTERS have been out in force this morning, making sure major routes are safe for drivers.


The gritting teams took to the roads in Penistone to help keep the higher roads free of snow and ice ahead of today's snowfall.


A spokesperson for Barnsley Council said: “Our teams are also monitoring the weather and are ready to grit the roads if snow falls in the central and east areas of the borough.”


Please take care on any journey you make while the weather is bad.

Police want information after Wath assault

POLICE are appealing for dash cam footage after an assault in Wath.


Just before 5pm on November 26, a 33-year-old man was crossing Burman Road when it is reported that he was clipped by a blue Volkswagen Polo.


Two men are then said to have exited the car and attacked the man, leaving him with head and facial injuries.


A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “We are now appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident, or who was driving through the area with dash cam footage that evening, to get in touch.


We are particularly keen to hear from anyone who captured a blue Volkswagen Polo on their dash cam or CCTV.


If you can help, please call 101 quoting incident number 678 of November 26.


You can also email footage through to enquiries@southyorks.pnn.police.uk with the incident number as your subject title.”

80-year-old in critical condition following collision

AN ELDERLY woman is in critical condition following a reported collision with a passing car in Hoyland.


At around 12.47pm today, December 3, police were called to Hoyland Road following reports of a pedestrian being hit by a car.


An 80-year-old woman is believed to be in critical condition at Barnsley Hospital.


A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “It is believed that an 80-year-old woman was involved in a collision with a red Nissan Juke.


“The woman was taken to hospital by ambulance and remains in a critical condition.


“Her injuries are believed to be life-threatening.”

College goes gold with award

BARNSLEY college won gold at a national awards ceremony for their work to bring popular artwork to the college.


The college's marketing, communications, and PR team won the Gold FE First Award in the events management category for their work to host a to-scale replica of the Earth.


Last year the college hosted Gaia, created by artist Luke Jerram.


Gaia measured seven metres in diameter and was a replica of the Earth in miniature.


The artwork attracted almost 5,000 visitors to the college and the award was given for the execution of the event.


Yiannis Koursis, principal and chief executive of Barnsley College, said: “We are very proud that our marketing, communications and PR team has won gold at these prestigious awards.


Our students are leading us in understanding what our responsibilities to our planet are and what that responsibility should look like. Gaia placed that understanding front and centre in our College community whilst enabling us to share the magic of the experience with Barnsley, as part of Barnsley Bright Lights programme.”

COVID-19 vaccines hold the key to the road back towards normality


Hopes for a return to more normal lives for all have soared with news of the vaccine roll-out. Here, medical experts unite in their reassurance to the public that vaccines meet strict standards of safety and effectiveness.





The differences between these new vaccines and traditional ones are not that great. All vaccines work by mimicking the infection, tricking the body to believe you’ve got the infection so you then produce antibodies. Once you’ve got the antibodies, when you meet the real thing, your immune system can spring straight back into action.

These vaccines have been through phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials like ordinary vaccines. The numbers of people involved in the trials were the same as you would expect for a normal ‘peacetime’ vaccine. The safety assessments and the assessments of effectiveness at the end are the same.

As Dr Raine, chief executive of the MHRA, said “safety is our watchword”. That’s the most important thing. All the results we have so far show us the vaccine prevents infection that causes symptoms. The other thing that’s really important to people trying to deal with this public emergency is the effect coronavirus has on overwhelming hospital systems.

We’re hopeful all the vaccines that are proven to be effective will not only reduce illness and disease but will take out severe disease that puts people in hospital. Every single vaccine for use in the UK has been authorised by the MHRA. The three components of authorisation are safety, effectiveness and manufacturing quality. All three have to have a tick before being authorised.

I don’t care which of the vaccines we’ve seen so far with good efficacy signals I have, providing the MHRA has authorised it, I’ll be having it.


Vaccine approved for use


Who will get it first?

Priority groups (correct at 27 November 2020)

  • Elderly care-home residents and staff

  • 80 years+, health and social care workers

  • 75 years and over

  • 70 years of age and over, plus clinically extremely vulnerable individuals, excluding pregnant women and those under 18 years of age

  • 65 years and over

  • At-risk adults under 65

  • 60 years and over

  • 55 years and over

  • 50 years and over


Are they being rushed too quickly?

Vaccines are going through the normal three phases of clinical trial involving thousands of people and a very thorough regulatory process. But the Government paid for the vaccines up front so they would be ready if approved and the companies and regulator have made COVID-19 vaccines their top priority.


Strict standards are met

The UK Government has now accepted the recommendation from the independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to approve Pfizer/ BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine for use. This follows months of rigorous clinical trials and a thorough analysis of the data by experts at the MHRA who have concluded that the vaccine has met its strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness. The NHS has decades of experience in delivering large scale vaccination programmes and will begin putting their extensive preparations into action to provide care and support to all those eligible for vaccination. The vaccine will be made available across the UK from next week. When it’s your turn, you will receive a notification.





The public can be completely confident COVID-19 vaccines will only be available once they have met robust standards of safety, quality and effectiveness.

Clinical trials have been done on many tens of thousands of people and we’re particularly careful to make sure they are representative to include different populations and age groups.

It’s my role as CEO to make absolutely sure our assessors have the time and space to do their job.

I can be completely clear that rigorous safety standards and tests are done throughout the approval process in the shortest time possible, without compromising the thoroughness of our review.

What we’ve seen is if you’re vaccinated you are less likely to spread COVID-19.

It’s up to all of us to think about the vulnerable, the elderly, people who we treasure in our family and do our bit to make sure that we can get back to normal life.




We are currently using social distancing measures to try to suppress the virus. If we can replace the protection of social distancing by vaccines, and let’s say a vaccine allowed so much protection that it was like a full lockdown, then one could say, ‘Well, I’ve got a vaccine. I don’t need to have quite so many social distancing measures in place’ and that will take us closer to normal. Whether or not we can get back to the full normal obviously will depend on how much vaccine is available, when it’s used, how it is used and so on.

We need to make sure we help people understand how important it is to have the vaccine. The vaccine will be offered first to vulnerable people.

There is good reason to have the vaccine. My advice is, when offered the vaccine, don't wait three weeks before having it. 









This article is part of a paid for Partnership with the UK Government

Cundy Cross community comes together to help trapped horse

RESIDENTS from Cundy Cross who came to the rescue of a trapped horse that had been entangled to a metal fence, are keen to find the owners.


Earlier today, December 3, resident Kathryn Simpson, 32, posted an appeal on Facebook to ask for help to release a horse that had become stuck on the paddock fence on Rotherham Road since at least 8am this morning.


To her surprise, her fellow neighbours rallied around and helped release the troubled horse with use of wire clippers.


Now that the horse has been freed, the residents hope to find the owner to tell them what has happened and their rescue efforts.


Kathryn told We Are Barnsley: “I was told that the poor horse had been trapped since the school-run at around 8am.


“By 11am, the trapped horse was still there so I knew I had to help out.


“It really was a team effort by the whole neighbourhood of Cundy Cross who came together to free the horse.


“We contacted RSPCA but was told it could take some time for them to get there and help.


“I’m very muddy but I’m also relieved that the horse is now free and still in his paddock.


“We’re wanting to contact the owners to let them know what’s happened and why there’s a small hole in the paddock. Please do get in touch.”


If you know the owners of the horse, feel free to inbox the We Are Barnsley page to pass on contact details.

Get set now to do business when the UK’s trading with the EU changes on January 1


From January 1 2021 the way the UK trades with the EU will change. Businesses need to act now! This is true for retail, those trading in consumer goods, services and investment, construction and housing as well as vehicle and haulier firms. The UK Government has put a raft of measures in place for all firms across England, Scotland and Wales. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove said: “We are leaving the EU single market and customs union. This will bring both new challenges and new opportunities for businesses. We recognise this is a challenging time for everyone. We are determined to support businesses to be ready for 1 January 2021 and beyond. ”These are actions to take now...


  • Selling goods to the EU? Prepare for new customs procedures.

  • Travelling to the EU for work purposes? Check if you need a visa or work permit, and apply if necessary.

  • Employing overseas nationals? Prepare your business for the implementation of the new immigration system.

  • Receiving personal data from contacts in the EEA? You may need to take extra steps to ensure that data can continue to flow legally at the end of the transition period.

  • Providing services in the EU? Ensure your qualifications are recognised by EU regulations to be able to practice or service clients in the EU.

NEW CHALLENGE: If you are selling goods to the EU, prepare for new customs procedures.
NEW CHALLENGE: If you are selling goods to the EU, prepare for new customs procedures.


Businesses must prepare for the end of the UK transition period in a planned and coordinated way’

Procurement expert Laura Hobbs has led the way for the construction industry to prepare for the end of the UK transition period. Laura is the UK and Ireland One Procurement Programme Lead at Royal BAM Group, which is among the biggest construction firms covering England, Wales and Scotland. She said: “We have created a snapshot to give a clear picture for the industry where we believe pinch points are.” Laura explained: “I decided to pull my peers together, all the other main contractors that are part of the Construction Senior Leaders Group which I chair. We decided to write one set of questions for the end of UK transition and also share the workload – to go to all those different product categories key to construction.“As main contractors we deal a lot with sub-contractors so we need to ensure the message gets further into the supply chain.



The Construction Senior Leaders Group also includes representatives from Skanska, Costain, Murphys, Laing O’Rourke, housebuilders Berkeley and clients including Highways UK and Clarion Housing Group. Manufacturers are employing new customs experts to help them get in position for the new start, creating more strategic programmes to negate any currency fluctuations. Laura worked with Build UK, receiving useful information around imports and exports from the UK Government. “Information is the key and preparation is essential. The organisations we work with have been preparing for this for a long time so they are on their final rehearsal now. “To be able to give your own business the comfort you are going into this in a planned, coordinated way, it is key for people to start the exercise sooner rather than later,” stressed Laura. She said the new start will bring opportunities to invest in the UK supply chain. “We always see the positives and, definitely for the UK, there are opportunities coming.”


This article is part of a paid for Partnership with the UK Government



Alhambra Christmas opening times

CHRISTMAS shoppers will be able to enjoy extended shopping hours as the Alhambra opens late for the festive season.


Anyone wanting to find some Christmas bargains will now have longer as the Alhambra will be open from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday.


The centre will also open from 10am to 4pm on Sundays.


Those who need any last-minute shopping will be able to visit the shops from 8am to 4pm on Christmas Eve and people wanting a Boxing Day bargain will be able to shop at Next from 6am and the rest of the centre will open at 8am.


On New Year's Eve shoppers can grab bargains from 9am to 4pm.


The centre will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Hospital's newest ward needs help with design

BARNSLEY Hospital wants your opinions on how their new ward should look.


The hospital is currently working on the design of the new Paediatric Emergency Department and Assessment Unit and would like Barnsley folk to help pick the winning displays.


The four entries to choose from include animals, a summer sky, an ocean display or an ‘out of this world’ image.


The highest voted entries will be fitted in the play area of the waiting room, and the treatment room respectively.


To cast your vote, click here.

Partial road closure after burst pipe

A ROAD near the town centre has been partially closed while road works are carried out.


Yesterday (December 1) a water pipe burst on the corner of Sheffield Road and Taylor Row which sent a significant amount of water into the road.


The road has been partially closed today while repairs are completed.


The road closure is now a one-way closure which allows traffic to travel from Sheffield Road towards Doncaster Road only.


The footpath is also closed on one side whist the repairs continue. 


Yorkshire Water are expected to complete the works today.

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RSPCA Cat Rehoming
Florence and Fred




FILL IN THE ONLINE PERFECT MATCH FORM  HERE www.rspca-barnsley.org.uk/adopt


These gorgeous kittens came in to us via RSPCA Inspectors along with their mum when they were 3 weeks old.
Now almost 9 weeks, they will soon be looking for their forever home together.

The kittens are Charcoal Grey in colour, and they along with their mum have been living in a foster home with one of ouramazing fosterers - so they are happy, well socialised bundles of fun.We are re-homing the kittens in pairs as they are a very well bonded group.


Dotty and Edith




FILL IN THE ONLINE PERFECT MATCH FORM  HERE www.rspca-barnsley.org.uk/adopt


These gorgeous kittens came in to us via RSPCA Inspectors along with their mum when they were 3 weeks old.
Now almost 9 weeks, they will soon be looking for their forever home together.

The kittens are Charcoal Grey in colour, and they along with their mum have been living in a foster home with one of ouramazing fosterers - so they are happy, well socialised bundles of fun.We are re-homing the kittens in pairs as they are a very well bonded group.

More News
Covid vaccine approved for use

A VACCINE to help curb the spread of coronavirus has been approved for use, and residents in Barnsley could receive it from as early as next week.


The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine offers up to 95 per cent protection against the virus – according to the British medicine regulatory board, the MHRA.


The UK government has ordered around 40 million doses which will be used to treat 20 million people, and is the first country in the world to approve the vaccine for widespread use.


Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, tweeted: “It’s fantastic that the MHRA has formally authorised the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for Covid-19.


The vaccine will begin to be made available across the UK from next week.


It's the protection of vaccines that will ultimately allow us to reclaim our lives and get the economy moving again.”


The first 80,000 doses should be arriving in the country this week.

Two men wanted in connection to a Cudworth knifepoint robbery

STAFF at a Cudworth shop were robbed at knifepoint by two men who later stole cigarettes.


Police officers have launched an urgent appeal to find the two men believed to be responsible for the robbery at the Co-op on Barnsley Road at 7.40am on November 21.


A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “During the incident, one of the men threatened staff with a large knife.


“No-one was injured, but staff members were left distressed by what happened.


“CCTV images have now been released of two men that officers would like to speak to as part of their enquiries.


“If you recognise these men or have any information that might help, please contact 101.


“When you call, quote crime reference number 14/171849/20.”


Alternatively, you can stay completely anonymous by contacting the independent charity Crimestoppers via its website Crimestoppers-uk.org.

Channel 5 show looking for 'dirty' Barnsley homes

IF you’re guilty of leaving your home in a state, this show could be the answer to your prayers.


A Channel 5 show, which sees expert cleaners tackling some of the country’s dirtiest homes, is looking for people to volunteer their houses for a revamp.


‘Filthy House SOS’ is looking for people who are in need of some professional help keeping their homes clean and tidy.


Filming starts this month until February 2021 and could see a transformation to a Barnsley resident’s home in just four days.


To take part, email cleaning@flyingsaucertv.com or fill in an application form here.

Expectant mothers urged to keep hospital in the loop

BARNSLEY Hospital has urged expectant mothers who have tested positive for coronavirus to call immediately to reduce any risks.


The hospital’s maternity service has asked pregnant women to contact the ward following a positive test or if self-isolating after exposure to the virus.


This is in a bid to limit the exposure to the virus across the hospital.


To contact the maternity team, call 435369 or 432249 or contact your community midwife.

Primary school closed today

A PRIMARY school will remain closed today after the loss of heating and electricity.


Millhouse Primary School alerted parents last night (November 30) after a power outage.


The problem is currently being fixed, but children have been told to stay at home until full power has returned.


A spokesperson for the school said: “Unfortunately our power went which knocked off our heating but it is currently being repaired and we will be open tomorrow as usual.”




Photo: Google 

Business owners urged to find out how Brexit may affect them

BARNSLEY business owners have until the end of the month to find out if their business will be affected after Brexit is agreed in the new year.


On January 1, new regulations that could affect how local businesses trade with the EU come into effect.


From 2021, the UK will no longer be apart of the European Union and so won't be covered by existing trade rules that allow businesses to trade freely in the EU.


This could mean that businesses who trade within the EU could face changes to their copyrights and trademarks, taxes and duty, and transporting goods into EU countries.


While the final terms of Brexit have not been finalised, the government has said that after December 31, transporting goods into the EU will be similar to transporting goods to non-EU countries currently.


To avoid being caught out, business owners are urged to complete an online form released by the government, to find out how their business may be affected, and if so, what steps to take.


Barnsley residents who are EU citizens are also urged to complete the form to find out how Brexit may affect them.


To fill out the form, click here.

Jess, 8, recognised for help at care home in lockdown

A YOUNGSTER from Royston who helped deliver care packages to residents at a local care home during the lockdown has been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award.


Jess Nolan, of Kent Close in Royston, was inspired to help out at Oakwood Grange Care Home whilst in lockdown.


The eight-year-old had heard that her local care home was forced to self-isolate to prevent the spread of the virus amongst its residents.


Jess decided she wanted to write the home letters and quizzes to keep spirits high during her school break.


Donna, Jess’ mum, has said that Jess struck up some unlikely friendships with the residents.


She said: “Jess has been visiting the home for the past five months delivering parcels with letters, quizzes and dream catchers inside.


“She’s been waving from the window at staff and residents when she’s dropping them off to keep a safe distance away.


“She would go and deliver these almost every day during the holidays, but now she’s returned to school she’s had to cut down.


“I think she’s formed quite the bond with the residents and pleaded with me to continue to help them.


“I compromised and let her visit twice a week so she has time to do her school work.”


Donna hopes that Jess can properly visit the residents once social distancing restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to visit.


“I’m incredibly proud of her. Jess loves making people happy and I’m sure she’ll continue to visit her friends at Oakwood Grange.


“Hopefully when restrictions are lifted further, she can visit them properly over Christmas.”


Jess’ selflessness has landed her a nomination at this year’s Proud of Barnsley award in the Young Superstar category.


Upon hearing the news, Donna added: “Jess is so thrilled, she really didn’t expect this at all.


“All she set out to do is help out and bring a smile to people’s faces.


“But we’re so proud that she’s been forward for this. Thank you to everyone for their support.”

Opinions needed about drink driving across the borough

OFFICERS across the borough are asking residents to have their say on drink driving in Barnsley, after a region-wide survey voted it as a top priority for police.


South Yorkshire Police traffic officers have launched a survey to find out what residents think about drink driving and its patterns in the town.


In the last survey conducted, 49 per cent of people wanted officers to focus on those who drive while under the influence of drugs or drink.


Jason Booth, the roads policing inspector, said: “We stop drivers all year and conduct road side breath tests.


“From these stops we see that drivers are willing to get behind the wheel while under the influence of drink and drugs throughout the year.


“However as we head towards Christmas, we know people are more likely to take risks.


“We want to understand how the public perceive the dangers of drink and drug driving and also ensure we are targeting patrols where our communities believe there to be an issue.


“We always appreciate it when you take the time to complete our survey, please ensure you have your say.”


The survey closes at midnight tonight (November 30).


To complete the survey, click here.

Overnight road closure this week

A bridge over railway lines will be closed over-night later this week while work is carried out on the tracks.


The bridge on Smithies Lane will be closed from 10pm on Thursday, December 3 to 6am on Friday, December 4, so that Network Rail can clear vegetation.


It's important that vegetation gets cleared as it helps drivers to be able to see the tracks more clearly and provides a safe space for rail workers to stand while working.


The disruption is expected to last one night.

Christmas competition is now open

CHRISTMAS is just around the corner, and that means we are giving one of our lucky readers a chance to win a lovely hamper of goodies this Christmas time! 

We have teamed up with local bath-bomb extaordinaire, Marshmallow Blends, to bring you an amazing hamper of products. 

So what do you have to do to win?

We would LOVE to see your Christmas photos - whether it's a snap of your Christmas tree, your outside lights, or if your dog is wearing its Christmas jumper, we would love to see them all.

As long as it's Christmas-themed then it'll be perfect!

Then, just before the big day we will choose a winner at random and announce the winner on our page.

The competition will run from today (November 30) until Friday, December 18 at 8pm - and the winner will be announced on December 19.

Please leave your name and email address so that we can let you know if you're our lucky winner, and only one entry per household. 

We can't wait to see what you enter!

To enter our competition, CLICK HERE!

Car crashed into bus stop

POLICE were called after a car lost control and crashed into a bus stop this morning.


At around 9.05am today (November 28) police were made aware of an incident on Upper Sheffield Road, Barnsley.


A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “It is reported that a blue Ford Mondeo lost control and skidded into a bus stop.


It is believed the back tyre of the car may have popped causing the collision.


The driver of the Mondeo was taken to hospital, his injuries are not thought to be serious.”

College launches course with American tech giant

BARNSLEY College has become the first college in the country to offer an new course for aspiring IT professionals.


Extreme Academy Live, will teach tech students about networking, security, and cloud fundamentals, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Students who complete the courses can earn key accreditations and certifications, including an Extreme Networks Associate-level qualification.


By completing the programme, the students will not only be fully trained to use Extreme Networks’ technology but will also have the ability to use their transferable skills earned on other equipment.


Azhar Iqbal, director of IT, said: “With the past year seeing the acceleration of digital transformation for businesses across the world, we recognise just how important it is to continue providing our students with access to advanced technology training so that they can succeed in the future job market.


Having already added an Extreme Academy classroom in our SciTech Digital Innovation Hub, we are now actively encouraging our students to look to Extreme’s new initiative, Extreme Academy Live, so they can receive additional industry certification to further develop their networking skills.”

Online fundraiser has not slowed down Katie's big present plans

AN author from the town centre hasn’t let lockdown spoil her fundraising plans.


Katie Portman, of Cavendish Road, has spent the past four years organising a Christmas collection for a local women’s refuge with party food, essential items and gifts.


The 41-year-old has been forced to cancel her annual festive collection for the refuge amidst the coronavirus pandemic.


Instead, Katie has launched an online fundraiser with all proceeds raised being donated to the refuge, whose identity is being withheld due to the nature of its work.


Katie said: “Christmas can be a magical time but for many, it is incredibly difficult and upsetting.


“All the women and children in the refuge have had to leave their homes due to domestic violence and are now desperately trying to rebuild their lives so they can be happier and at peace. 


“There are currently eight women and ten children residing in the refuge and it is my hope that together we can raise enough funds to ensure that everyone receives a Christmas gift or two as well as essentials.


“Many will have suffered tremendously before arriving and all will be struggling in a variety of ways.”


Katie believes that despite the tough year for many across the borough, people have pulled together to support those in need.


“This Christmas collection isn’t just about ensuring they have something to open on the big day. 


“it’s also – and more importantly – about showing them the kindness that sadly has been absent in their lives for so long.


“This year due to Covid-19, I’m unable to collect as I would do normally and so instead, I’m asking for help to raise funds instead.


“Every single penny that is donated will go direct to the refuge and be spent by the team to ensure that your Christmas generosity reaches every woman and child currently living there as well as some women and children who have recently moved into their own homes.


“I know financially that times are tough for so many this year, but if you can help by donating, I can promise you that your kindness and money really will make a difference.


“I know from my experience of doing this for the past four years that it really does have such a positive impact. 


“The kindness shown in the past has often moved myself and members of the refuge team to tears.”


To donate to Katie’s fundraiser, click here.click here.

Cannabis cultivation discovered after arrest

A 49-year-old man was arrested after the attempted theft of a vehicle led police to discover a cannabis cultivation in his home.


On November 25, police were called to Valley Road, Staincross, following reports of a vehicle theft.


A man had attempted to steal a white Renault van before being stopped by the van's owner.


A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: "Officers attended and arrested a 49 year-old man on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle, going equipped and criminal damage. 

"The suspect requested officers to secure his property on Valley Road an upon officers' arrival they located 12 cannabis plants.

"The man was further arrested on suspicion of cannabis cultivation. He has been released under investigation."

Teen Thespians have had a barking mad idea

THREE Wombwell theatre lovers have decided to take centre stage by launching their own theatre group.


Jake Doughty and Oliver Porter, both 18, and 17-year-old Albi Douglas-Waller created Barking Mad Productions earlier this month and hope to have their first play scripted by next spring. 


Oliver said: “We set up the group because we’re all theatre lovers and we wanted to make something that was our own. 


“We started it with the help of our parents and we’ve all been friends since high school, taking part in every production with each other in that time. 


“At the minute we’re looking at writing our own play and hopefully, coronavirus dependent, we’ll be able to perform it by spring next year.”


The title of the new production – The Butler Did It – was coined due to the group’s growing love for detective shows.


“We’ve always had a fascination with cliche TV detective shows so we decided to put our own spin on it with comedy satire,” Oliver added. 


“Everyone has their own ambitions about what we want to do but we’re hoping that we can make Barking Mad hugely successful.”


For more information on the group, visit their social media pages. 


Product recall on car seat

A BABY car seat has been recalled after concerns arose that the harness could be ineffective.


Recaro has recalled its Tian Core and Tian Elite car seats which have been on the market since August this year.


In the affected car seats, the child restraint system may interfere with the design of the harness which would prevent it from working.


If your car seat was produced on or after October 27 this year, the seat will not be affected.


If your Tian Core has a serial number between 00000001 and 00001722 the product has been recalled.


For Tian Elite, the serial numbers between E00000001 and E00004953 are also affected.


To contact Recaro and arrange a replacement, click here.

Two car collision on Dodworth Road

EMERGENCY services were called to a road collision between two drivers which resulted in one driver taken to Barnsley Hospital.


Police officers and paramedics were called to Dodworth Road at around 8.25am this morning (November 27), following a collision between a black Ford Fiesta and a black Volkswagen.


A spokesperson for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service said: “We dispatched two ambulances to the collision between two vehicles at the junction of Grosvenor Walk and Dodworth Road in Barnsley this morning.


“One patient was conveyed to Barnsley Hospital.”

Deliberate fires continue to cause problems across the borough

FIREFIGHTERS from Cudworth station were called to a field after a pallet fire in Lundwood this week - it marked the eighth deliberate fire reported to the team since last weekend.


On Thursday (November 26), crews arrived at 9.30pm to tackle the blaze on Pontefract Road after two pallets were deliberately set alight.


The fire was put out by 10pm.


Earlier this week, firefighters across the borough were called other deliberate fires including a rubbish fire on Sheffield Road in Barnsley on Tuesday (November 24).

Safety checks for high-rise buildings

A TEAM of fire safety inspectors will inspect all high-rise residential buildings across the borough - that are over 18 metres or with six or more storeys - by the end of next year.


This comes as part of a government-driven ‘Building Risk Review’ programme that seeks to significantly increase the pace of high-rise residential inspection activity across the country.


Made up of staff from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s business safety department, the specialist team has been funded by a government grant.


As part of their work, the team will be contacting the responsible person for each high-rise residential building in Barnsley to arrange an inspection to assess the fire safety measures in place.


Simon Dunker, the area manager, said: “Our aim, between now and the end of next year, is to physically inspect every high rise residential building in South Yorkshire.


“We hope this work will provide reassurance to residents we are continuing to work to effect changes identified by the Grenfell inquiry and that resident safety remains our priority.


“We will work with building owners and managers to ensure any necessary work is carried out.”


Whilst this project is specifically targeted at residential buildings over 18 metres in height or with six or more storeys, inspectors are keen to stress that every resident should ensure they are fully aware of their fire safety responsibilities.


The service’s inspection officers, who are not directly involved in this project, will continue to inspect all buildings across the borough regardless of height.

Antenatal ward reopening for expectant Barnsley parents

BARNSLEY Hospital has reintroduced visiting to its antenatal and postnatal ward for expectant parents.


From Monday, a nominated birth partner is able to visit the new mum and baby for one hour a day.


The visiting slot will be made by appointment-only in a bid to control the amount of visitors on the ward at one time.


This relates to birth partners only, who accompanied the new mother during labour, and no siblings will be permitted on the ward.


Women can book their visiting appointment with a midwife on the ward.


A spokesperson for the hospital said: “We are only able to have one visitor in the four to six bedded bays and no more than four visitors on the ward at any given time.


“On the day a woman is being discharged, there will be no visiting slot allocated for that day.


“The nominated birth partner must wear a mask as they enter the hospital grounds and throughout their visit on the ward in line with government guidance.


“Birth partner temperatures will be taken on arrival of their allocated slot, if 37.8 or above they will not be given access to the ward and will be advised accordingly.


“The nominated birth partner must stay in the mothers allotted bed space only and must leave after their allotted time to allow for the next appointment blocks.”

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