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A MOTHER was distraught after her three-year-old son was knocked over by a car that mounted a kerb to avoid roadworks in Grimethorpe.


Joanne Merritt, from Grimethorpe, has hit out at the ongoing reckless driving at a roadworks site on Brierley Road.


The works, which started in the area on New Year’s Eve following a burst water pipe, led to congested traffic in the area.


The 33-year-old, who was out on a walk with two of her sons and partner Matt Fox, was shocked to see a car – said to be being driven by a woman – heading towards them on the pavement.


She said: “We were walking down the pavement and saw someone heading towards us.


“They literally mounted the full kerb and came straight towards us. My partner had to shout and tell them to watch themselves.


“I managed to get my middle son out the way but my little one, Frankie, was walking in front.


“He tried to get out of the way but he got hit by the wing mirror.


“He was very scared and shaken by this – it was a massive shock to all of us.


“My partner tried to stop the driver but she continued to head towards him, too.


“She squashed him between a fence and her car and just drove off. She didn’t have a care in the world at all.”



Morrisons Utility, the firm that carried out the work on behalf of Yorkshire Water, installed further safety measures during the week to try and deter drivers disregarding the road closure and alternate routes.


A spokesperson said: “We are sorry to learn of the alleged incident involving a member of the public on Breirly Road, Grimethorpe.


“The road closure was in place during essential network maintenance that was being undertaken in the area.


“This work began on December 31 and was successfully completed on January 7.


“Throughout this period, the site was fully compliant with the appropriate signage, lighting and guarding in place to make the road closure and corresponding diversion clear to local residents and passing motorists.


“Incidents such as this show how important it is for motorists and pedestrians to follow our signage in order to keep themselves and our people safe.”

College raises £943

STAFF and students at Barnsley College have teamed up to raise almost £1,000 for a local radio station’s fundraising campaign which aims to improve the lives of children and young people across the region.


The Cash for Kids initiative, set up by Hallam FM, supports those who are affected by poverty, neglect, illness or have additional needs in South Yorkshire, and all money that is raised stays in the local area.


The college managed to raise a total of £943 for the programme, with each department fundraising in a different way – beauty students had a Christmas jumper day, foundation learning students held a raffle and childcare students hosted a virtual movie night.


Melinda Schofield, station director at Hallam FM, said: “This year when looking for commercial partners for our Cash for Kids initiative, Barnsley College came on board immediately and wanted to work with the team to help support the children of South Yorkshire.


“Having worked closely with them on many other campaigns historically and even more closely having to adapt through the Covid-19 crisis we knew they had a great understanding of the importance of local charity and would fully get behind supporting us at Hallam FM.”

Resurfacing works will begin tomorrow near Monk Bretton

ROADWORKS will begin next week in the Monk Bretton area as road resurfacing works will be carried out.


The works will affect Burton Road, from Byron Drive to Cliffe Lane and from Newlyn Drive to Cliffe Lane and will begin from tomorrow (January 18).


They are set to last for six weeks and will be carried out in a mixture of day and night work.


Day work will take place from January 18 to February 7 as the crossroads at Burton Road and Rotherham Road will b affected, and the carriageway from Byron Drive will be resurfaced.


Temporary traffic lights will be in place from 9.30am to 3.30pm on weekdays, and from 7am to 3.30pm on Sundays.


From February 7 to February 28, Burton Road will be closed to traffic between Newlyn Drive and Cliffe lane as the carriageway will be resurfaced.


Access to properties will be maintained.


If you have any queries contact roads@barnsley.gov.uk.

New rail timetable introduced

COMMUTERS travelling by train may have to alter their commute times as a new rail timetable comes into effect from tomorrow.


Northern Rail announced that the changes would be made in response to lockdown changes.


A spokesperson from Northern Rail said: “If you choose to travel by train, please travel safe.


You must wear a face covering on board the train and in the station (unless a medical condition or disability prevents you), try to avoid busy times varying your usual travel times to prevent crowding and check the times of your journey before you travel.”


To view the updated Monday-Saturday timetable, click here.


To view the upated Sunday timetable, click here.

"Don't abandon your car in snow" urge police

SOUTH Yorkshire Police are urging drivers to be considerate of where they leave their cars in adverse weather after they found several abandoned after yesterday's snow.


Throughout the past 24 hours, the police have dealt with a combination of collisions and vehicles that have been abandoned – sometimes both.


The appeal comes after a Volkswagen was found on the central barrier at Dearne Valley Parkway.


The car was left unlocked and facing oncoming traffic – something the police said could have caused an accident.


A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “We understand that lots of people found themselves stuck in motoring situations they didn’t want to be in over the last day, but if you need help, particularly if it means your car is left looking it’s part of the aftermath of some Hollywood action film, please let us know.


We have been busy, but we will always do our best to help. Even if you just leave a note in the window. At least then we know you are ok and in one piece, and where to contact you about your car if we need to.”

Police warn to stay vigilant as vehicle theft continues...

POLICE in Wombwell have urged residents to lock their doors at all time - following a car theft in the area after keys were stolen from a home.


Barnsley South police officers have reported that on January 8 at around 9.10pm, a vehicle was stolen from John Street after getting access to the keys from an unlocked rear door.


The car was found the following day a few streets away.


Now, police have issued a reminder to residents to keep doors locked at all times - even during the day.


A spokesperson for the team said: “Please do not think that it will never happen to you.


“Unfortunately a ‘sneak in’ burglary is a common method used by offenders and can easily be prevented if residents take simple steps.


“Similarly, during these cold icy mornings, please do not leave vehicles unattended whilst the engine is running and the windscreen de-icing etc.


“Offenders are always on the lookout for such easy targets. Please do not be their next victim.


“Enquiries are ongoing into the above offence.


“Should any person have information regarding this offence please call 101 and quote 14/13528/21.”

Children's charity shop receives nasty donation

A WOMBWELL charity shop set up in memory of a little girl who died of cancer had a nasty surprise this week after they thought they had received more than ten bags of donations – but they turned out to be full of dirty nappies and rotting food.


Briony’s Gift, on High Street, aims to provide gifts for seriously ill children in hospital, and was set up by parents Meayla and Darron Woodward after the death of their three-year-old daughter Briony in 2007 from neuroblastoma.


This week a number of black bin bags were left in their donations section outside the store and were at first thought to be donations, but upon a closer look Meayla realised they were bags of fly-tipped rubbish.


She said: “Over the weekend I arrived at the shop and I saw that there were ten bags and I thought they were donations, so before I went in I checked them it and it was full of dirty nappies and rubbish.


“I posted it on our Facebook page and then when I arrived at the shop today someone had done the same thing and we have to go and dump all the rubbish ourselves.


“For me this is personal because the shop is in memory of my daughter so there isn’t a head office – we have to deal with everything internally.”


In a year where Meayla has been unable to fundraise due to Covid restrictions, she says implementing CCTV is now a must though it is a cost they could do without.


“It’s tough enough as it is without people doing things like this because we’ve been unable to fundraise this year due to Covid,” she added.


“The people who dump at our shop must think they’ve got it made because no one bats and eyelid because they look like donations.


“We are going to get CCTV but it’s another cost that we could do without.”

Superjam set to take to the online stage

A BARNSLEY social group which was forced to take its monthly tea party events online due to coronavirus concerns is hosting its latest Facebook event tomorrow.


The monthly Great Get Together and Superjam events, which focus on helping people across the borough to socialise, had to cancel the sixth anniversary event which was due to be held at the Holiday Inn, Dodworth, in August.


Instead organiser Kathy Markwick took the event to Facebook so that people wouldn’t miss out.


There will be live entertainment from singer Jessica Mary Brett to help raise funds in honour of Macmillan’s 30th anniversary.


The online celebration will start on Sunday (January 17) from 2pm on Jessica Mary Brett’s Facebook page.

Barnsley babies born in December

BARNSLEY Hospital has revealed that more than 220 babies were born last month with more than half of the newborns being boys.


The midwifery unit at the hospital reveal monthly figures detailing the different types of births throughout the month.


The team reported that 226 women gave birth throughout December, with the busiest days being December 3 and December 21 where 11 babies were born on each day.


There were more boys born than girls, with 117 compared to 111.


During December, there were four water births, one home birth, and two sets of twins were born.


The heaviest baby weighed 11 pounds, whereas the smallest was born two pounds and eight ounces.

Bus driver makes journey go smoothly

A BUS driver from Kendray has been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award for his kindness by making disabled youngsters smile whilst driving to Greenacre School every single day during the pandemic.


Adam Wiggan, of Colley Crescent, works for Wyatt Coaches and drives students to the school, on Keresforth Hill Road, and back every day.


During his trips to school, the 35-year-old dons a variety of costumes to cheer the students up – which he believes is most important during the pandemic.


“It’s been a tough year for everyone but especially for the group of students who may not like change,” Adam said.


“I felt it was my job to make the transition to school as smooth and as fun as possible which hopefully I did.


“I absolutely love my job and the kids I see every single day. If I have to wear a silly wig and dress up like Santa to make them smile, then it’s the least I can do.


“We always try to have fun the best we can, so I’m always singing and chatting away which I hope they enjoy. I absolutely love it.


“Hopefully, it helped kick-start the day in a positive way for our coaches. I can’t wait to think of more costumes to surprise them in the future.”


Adam’s selflessness has landed him a nomination in the Children’s Champion category at this year’s Proud of Barnsley awards.


“I’m completely overwhelmed by this nomination. It’s completely unexpected but a really amazing surprise.


“I feel like I’m just doing my job so to be recognised for it, is wonderful.


“It’s all down to our amazing kids and their parents who have been brilliant throughout this difficult time.”

Police thank helpful public

POLICE officers who spent their shift helping motorists who were stuck in the snow, want to thank the members of the public who helped them.


Yesterday (January 14) officers from the Barnsley West Neighbourhood Policing Team assisted stranded motorists on Park Road cross roads in Worsbrough.


Their rescue efforts took from 9.30am to 1pm and they helped to push vehicles up the hill and guied members of the public through the conditions.


A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “We would also like to say a massive thank you to all the members of the public who helped as this task would not have been possible to achieve without their help.


We would like to say thank you to our partner agencies who arrived to grit the road, which made the hard work easier.


We hope everyone got to their destinations safely. Today's conditions are still very harsh, so if you are driving please take care and keep safe.”

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Jackie wants to thank good Samaritans

TWO Morrisons workers who got stuck in the snow while delivering food to elderly and vulnerable residents want to extend their thanks to the men who helped to dig them out yesterday.


Sales assistant Jackie Christie, and doorstep van driver Stuart Sutton were out in Darton yesterday delivering food when their van got stuck in the snow on Sackup Lane.


After attempting to dig themselves out of the snow, the pair were ready to admit defeat when two residents came to their aid.


Morrisons offer a delivery service to eldery residents who might not be able to leave their house,” said Jackie. “We had made some deliveries in Darton and were trying to get to our next stop when we got stuck in the snow.


We tried so hard to dig ourselves out but we were ready to give up and leave the van when two men offered to help us.”


Together Jackie, Stuart, and the two good samaritans spent one-and-a-half hours digging the van out of the snow so that they could continue with their deliveries.


I can't thank them enough,” said Jackie. “It took us a long time to get moving again but it meant that ten more residents got food safely.


I want to say a big thank you to the men – I didn't get their names – but it's lovely to know that people are still out there who want to help.”

Snow Update - Jan 15

YESTERDAY'S weather saw around six inches of snow fall on Barnsley.

The snow caused mass disruption on the roads and schools across the borough were closed. 

Here are today's (Jan 15) updates:


Schools (Updated 8.30am)

All Saint Academy Darfield - CLOSED

Athersley North Primary School - CLOSED

Athersley South Primary School - CLOSED

Barugh Green Primary School - CLOSED

Birdwell Primary School - CLOSED

Birkwood Primary School - CLOSED

Brierley CofE Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CLOSED

Burton Road Primary School - CLOSED

Carlton Primary Academy - CLOSED

Carrfield Primary Academy - CLOSED

Cawthorne CofE Coluntary Controlled Primary School - CLOSED

Cherry Dale Primary School - CLOSED

Darton Primary School - CLOSED

Dodworth St John the Baptish CofE Primary Academy - CLOSED

Elsecar Holy Trinity CofE Primary Academy - CLOSED

Gawber Road Primary School - CLOSED

Gooseacre Primary Academy - CLOSED

Greenacre School - CLOSED

Heather Garth Primary School Academy - CLOSED

High View Primary Learning Centre - CLOSED

Holy Rood Catholic Primary School - CLOSED

Hoylandswaine Primary School - CLOSED

Joseph Locke Primary School - CLOSED

Keresforth Primary Schol - CLOSED

Laithes Primary School - CLOSED

Mapplewell Primary School - CLOSED

Millhouse Primary School - CLOSED

Netherwod Academy - CLOSED

Oakhill Primary School - CLOSED

Oakwell Rise Primary Academy - CLOSED

Outwood Academy Carlton - CLOSED

Outwood Academy Shafton - CLOSED

Outwod Primary Academy Darfield - CLOSED

Outwood Primary Academy Littleworth Grange - CLOSED

Oxspring Primary School - CLOSED

Parkside Primary Academy - CLOSED

Penistone St John's Voluntary Aided Primary School - CLOSED

Queens Road Academy - CLOSED

Royston St John Baptist CE Primary - CLOSED

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School - CLOSED

Sandhill Primary School - CLOSED

Silkstone Primary School - CLOSED

Springwell Alternative Academy - CLOSED

Springwell Special Academy - CLOSED

St Helen's Catholic Primary School - CLOSED

St Mary's CofE Primary School - CLOSED

St Michael and All Angels Catholic Primary School - CLOSED

Tankersley St Peter's CofE Aided Primary School - CLOSED

The Dearne Academy - CLOSED

The Ellis CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School - CLOSED

The Mill Academy - CLOSED

Welgate Primary School - CLOSED

West Meadows Primary Schol - CLOSED

Wilthorpe Primary School - CLOSED

Worsbrough Bank End Primary School - CLOSED


Buses (Updated 8.30am)

The following services are affected:

1 (Staincross) - Not serving Sackup Lane, Kingsway, Broadway, New Road. Will be diverting on the A61, and turning left at Turnpike Garage and down Greenside

6 (Kendray) - Terminating at Kendray Medical Centre

7 (Hoyland)- Service suspended 

11 (Athersley North) - Not serving Trowel Way/ Ollerton Road

12 (Athersley South) - Missing Athersley South

20 (Penistone) -Missing Clarel Street

21 (Penistone) Mai roads only

24 (Grimethorpe) - Main roads only

27 (Kingstone) - Missing Worsbrough Common

43 (Kingstone) - Missing Worsbrough Common

44 (Kingstone) - Missing Worsbrough Common and Wood Lane Drive

57 (Royston) - Missing Meadstead Drive

66 (Elsecar) - Terminating at Hoyland

67 (Wombwell) - Missing Kingwell, Worsbrough Dale, Worsbrough Village, and Copeland Road 

67a (Wombwell ) - Missing Kingwell, Worsbrough Dale, Worsbrough Village, Pilley, and Copeland Road 

95 (Kexborough) - not serving Queens Drive

220 (Cortonwood - Not serving Denaby or Christchurch Road estate

222 (Cortonwood) - Not serving Pearson Crescent






There’s light at the end of the tunnel… but, for now, embrace lockdown life

Once again the UK is living under tough but necessary restrictions as we battle COVID-19. Vaccines offer us hope and a way out but, until then, we must all play our part in together beating the virus. We look at the many ways we can continue to stay at home and enjoy life


LOTS TO DO: Home improvements and more reading are just two things that can help you get through lockdown.
LOTS TO DO: Home improvements and more reading are just two things that can help you get through lockdown.


Mental wellbeing


There are things we can all do to look after our mental wellbeing at this time.

Every Mind Matters can get you started with a free NHS online plan, showing you simple steps to help manage anxiety, sleep better, and boost your mood.

  • For your mental health action plan, search Every Mind Matters today


For more information go to gov.uk/coronavirus



As COVID-19 tightens its grip, lockdown restrictions have again been put in place, and are likely to remain for some time to come.

Schools to shops, work to pubs, restaurants, cinemas and gyms – all aspects of our lives are affected amid the UK Government and Devolved Administrations’ clear clarion calls to stay at home.

Those on the NHS frontline continue to bear the brunt of the pandemic while other key workers are keeping operating essential services such as supermarkets, pharmacies, waste collection and deliveries. We can all play our part on the path to freedom. All we have to do is obey the rules. Life in lockdown is undoubtedly different. But, embrace it, and it can offer new opportunities. Take up a hobby, learn a skill, exercise, read, bake, take up a craft and complete jobs around the house you have been putting off. New technologies allow us to keep in touch with family and friends as well as connecting on virtual pub quizzes and classes. There is light at the end of the tunnel with rules regularly reviewed and the vaccination programme being rolled out apace.

But for now we are in this together, all having a vital part to play.


More exercise, DIY and daily routine have helped couple cope


Husband and wife Tim and Angela Hoe (above) have embraced life in lockdown.

The Yorkshire couple has exercised more, completed DIY jobs around the house and garden and become well-read.

Like everyone else, our world has completely changed,” said Angela. “Work has stopped, usual places we visited closed, and we are not allowed to visit friends and family.

All our shopping is supermarket click-and-collect or from our local independents and farm shop.”

They have two adult children. Daughter Charlotte lives with her partner nearby while son Lewis lives with his wife Lucy and two children Harry, aged six, and Lily, 18 months, in Bournemouth. Angela has not seen them or her parents, who also live in Yorkshire, for ten months.

The couple love to exercise and have continued to do so within updated rules.

With gyms closing, it was a case of keeping ourselves fit with running, biking and YouTube yoga and fitness classes online. Reading and crosswords have also filled our days,” confirmed Angela.

The mobile library has provided a fantastic service allowing us to choose and order books online and collect locally. Danielle Steel has been a particular favourite for me while my husband has continued with his love of Dickens, Steinbeck and Hemingway.”

Despite not visiting family, they have kept in touch. “FaceTime calling has become a regular occurrence with calls to our grandchildren and listening to our grandson read stories from his school book.”


#This article is part of a paid for Partnership with the UK Government


Boiler fraudster targets Kendray and Worsbrough

POLICE have warned Kendray and Worsbrough residents to stay vigilant following numerous reports of a fraudster trying to enter homes.


The Barnsley West Neighbourhood Team have received reports of a man wearing a orange high-visibility jacket claiming to work for Berneslai Homes.


The man then asks to carry out a boiler check.


A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “We have checked with Berneslai Homes, and this male does not work for them.


“We are carrying out enquires to identify the male.


“If someone attends at your property, do not let them enter without seeing identification first.


“If this male attends at your property, please contact police on 101 or www.southyorks.police.uk.”

Snow chaos causes disruptions to bin collections

SNOW chaos has caused disruptions to bin collections across the borough as the council was forced to close all recycling centres.


Earlier today (January 14), council bosses announced that they would suspend all bin collections across Barnsley as many drivers have been left stranded following the dangerous conditions.


A spokesperson for Barnsley Council said: “We have taken the difficult decision to suspend domestic waste collections and close our household waste recycling centres due to the current snowfall and extremely difficult driving and working conditions for our staff.


“Staff who would have been collecting bins are now working to support our gritting teams.


“We’re sorry about the inconvenience this causes, and we’ll get back on track as soon as it’s safe to do so.”

Recovery drivers here to help

DRIVERS from a recovery company have offered their services to drivers who may find themselves stuck in the snow.


Denis Brays is based off Harborough Hill, in the town centre and normally helps drivers when they have broken down.


Today however, staff from the company will be on hand to help drivers in-and-around the town centre.


If we can help in any way just give us a call,” said Sam Carnevale from the company. “We've got a bright yellow car so we are pretty easy to spot.


We've got the equipment to be able to help people who have got stuck for a small fee, just to help with petrol costs.”


If you need help, contact Denis Brays on Facebook.

Man will appear in court following bar robbery

A BARNSLEY man will appear before magistrates today following a reported burglary at a bar in the town centre.


Zach Marriot, 34, of no fixed abode, has been charged with burglary following his arrest last night (January 13).


A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “Officers located a man carrying a large quantity of alcohol.


“The alcohol was believed to be linked to a reported burglary at Digital Bar on Wellington Street at 4.30pm.


“Marriot has been remanded into police custody and will appear before Barnsley Magistrate’s Court today (January 14).”

2021 Census to take place in March

BARNSLEY residents are being urged to take part in a nationwide census that takes place once every decade.


The census has been carried out every decade since 1801, except for 1941 during the Second World War.


The census will include questions about your sex, age, work, health, education, household size, and ethnicity. For the first time there will also be a question asking people whether they have served in the armed forces and other voluntary questions for anyone aged 16 and over about sexual orientation and gender identity.


Coun Alan Gardiner, cabinet spokesperson for core services, said: "The census is essential in helping us learn more about our local area and the people who live in Barnsley.


"I would encourage all residents to complete the census as the information we receive helps plan for services and funding across the borough."


The census day is March 21 and households across the borough will receive letters with online codes which will allow them to take part from early March.


Snow Updates - Jan 14

IT'S snowing and has already put down a fair amount in the past few hours.

Here we will update with school closures and any disruption to travel routes as we find them.

Let us know of any difficult roads, school closures, or travel announcements and we will do our best to share what we know.


Schools (Updated 11.15am)

Outwood Academy Shafton - CLOSED (Afternoon only) (Updated 9.02am)

Oxspring Primary School - CLOSED Updated 9.02am)

Tankersley St Peter's CofE Primary School - CLOSED Updated 9.02am)

The Dearne Academy - CLOSED Updated 9.02am)

Brierley Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CLOSED Updated 9.02am)

Hoylandswaine Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.25am)

Oakwell Rise Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.25am)

Sacred Heart Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.25am)

Cawthorne CofE Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

Darton Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

Greenacre School - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

Netherwood Academy - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

Springwell Alternative Academy - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

St Michaels and All Angels Catholic Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

The Forest Academy - CLOSED (From 12 noon) (Updated 10.20am)

Wellgate Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

Worsbrough Bank End Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

Springwell Special Academy - CLOSED (Updated 10.06am)

The Hill Primary Academy - CLOSED (Updated 10.06am)

Carrfield Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 10.20am)

Gooseacre Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 10.20am)

Wombwell Park Street Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 10.20am)

Holy Rood Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 10.41am)

Queens Road Academy - CLOSED (Afternoon only) (Updated 10.41am)

The Ellis CofE Primary School - CLOSED (Afternoon only) (Updated 11.15am)

St Helen's Catholic Primary - CLOSED (Updated 11.15am)

Dodworth St John the Baptist CofE Primary Academy - CLOSED (Updated 12.02pm)

Burton Road Primary School - CLOSED (Afternoon only) (Updated 12.02pm)



Trains (Updated 9.02am)

Passengers on Northern Rail trains are to expect delatys until 11am


Buses (Updated 11.14am)

ALL Stagecoach services are now suspended 


Buildings (Updated 10.19am)

Darfield Library - CLOSED (Updated 9.42am)

Dodworth Library - CLOSED (Updated 10.19am)

Grimethorpe Library (Acorn Centre) - CLOSED (Updated 10.19am)

Royston Library - CLOSED (Updated 10.19am)


Tricky Roads (Updated 12.53pm)

Kingsway, Mapplewell

Fish Dam Lane, Monk Bretton

Bala Street, Town Centre 

Huddersfield Road, near Barugh Green - Traffic at a standstill due to a possible stuck car, please avoid where possible (Updated 9.25am)

Stoneleigh Croft, Worsbrough Common (Updated 9.27am)

Blacker Hill, Worsbrough (Updated 9.29am) 

Old Mill Lane, Town Centre - Reports of cars skidding (Updated 9.33am) 

Racecommon Road, Town Centre - Extremely slippy (Updated 11.38am)

Burton Road, Monk Bretton (Updated 9.52am)

Worsbrough Common - Streets are very snowy (Updated 10.15am)

Shambles Street, Town Centre - Cars are at a standstill (Updated 10.15am)

Higham - Reports are that Higham is gridlocked with traffic (Updated 10.15am)

West Gate, Monk Bretton - Very slippy road, please avoid where possible (Updated 11.15am)

Doncaster Road, Darfield - Stood traffic (Updated 11.35am)

Ardsley Hill - Two HGVs have been removed from the road following them getting stuck (Updated 11.35am)

Thicket Lane, Worsborough - Cars are reportedly stuck in the snow (Updated 11.35am)

Worsborough Bridge, Cutting Edge - Gridlocked (Updated 11.35am)

Roads towards Cortonwood - Very snowy and police are reportedly turning drivers around (Updated 11.55am)

Vernon Road, Ward Green - Dangerous conditions with traffic at standstill (Updated 12.13pm)

Park Road/Sheffield Road, Town Centre - Reportedly impassable with cars and buses at a standstill (Updated 12.37pm)

Wilthorpe Road, Redbrook - Very snowy and slippy (Updated 12.53pm)

Greenside, Staincross - Cars been ditched at the top, said to be very slippery (Updated 2.19pm)

Townend roundabout towards Westway - Traffic not moving, many cars ditched (2.31pm)

Cudworth bypass - Gridlocked with a reported lorry stuck (2.54pm)

Snape Hill, Darfield - Traffic at a standstill (Updated 3.32pm) 


Buglar bids a fond farewell with the Last Post

THE Barnsley bugler who has live-streamed himself playing The Last Post for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic performed for the final time on New Year’s Eve.


Paul Goose, from Cudworth, was cheered on by his neighbours who stood on their doorsteps to applaud Paul for this tireless efforts since March.


The 53-year-old, who has helped to raised £10,000 for Barnsley Hospital workers, was emotional as he paid a final tribute to those who had lost their lives due to the virus.


Paul was joined by fellow buglers Pete Bate and Brian Johnson and bikers from the Royal British Legion as he bid farewell to his nightly tradition.


He said: “Even though initial plans had to be downscaled because of tighter restrictions, it was still absolutely amazing.


“The atmosphere was unbelievable as many of my neighbours came out to support me for the final time.


“I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out and making my last official show a special one.


“I started this back in March following the number of deaths affecting people across the borough. I didn’t expect the reaction I had.


“More story has travelled around the country with many highs and lows but the priority has always been those who we have lost to the virus in Barnsley.


“I’m so proud to have raised £10,000 for our frontline workers who are our heroes.”


As a final farewell, the street set alight fireworks to celebrate Paul’s final night.


“I gave a speech where I tried to thank everyone for their help and support. After the final Last Post, we set off fireworks. It was incredibly emotional.


“I hope these shows have offered a small amount of comfort to those directly impacted by the virus.


“If I didn’t stop now, who knows how many more years I would be doing.”

Barnsley foodback vow to provide food parcels across the borough

A BARNSLEY foodbank has released easy ways to apply for a food parcel - as the charity continues to work throughout the lockdown.


Barnsley Foodbank Partnership has been providing parcels for people who have found themselves in crisis during the coronavirus outbreak.


To get a food parcel, residents should get in touch with the Local Welfare Assistance, or if affected by Covid-19, you should call Covid support on 01226 774444.


A spokesperson for the foodbank said: “You can also go through other organisations and charities, depending on your situation.


“This includes social services, housing officers, mental health teams, citizens advice, education welfare officers, humankind and health visitors.


“We work with the agencies so that our volunteers can prepare the food parcels and deliver them to the relevant pick up point.


“If you are due to pick up your parcel, or someone is picking up on your behalf, you will need the voucher number confirmed by the agent.”


For more information email manager@barnsley.foodbank.org.uk or call 01226 235280. 

"Make an appointment for Make a Will Month" urges Hospice

BARNSLEY residents are being urged to book an appointment for the hospice's Make a Will month next month.


Each year in February, Barnsley Hospice runs a Make a Will month where solicitors from acros the borough waive their fees to allow residents to create a will for free in exchange for a donation to the hospice.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the firms are offering video and phone appointments to anyone wishing to take part in the event.


Janet O'Hara, from the Barnsley Hospice fundraising team, said: “Make a Will Month is an important annual fundraiser which raises thousands of pounds for the hospice whilst, at the same time, encouraging people to sort out their wills, a job which so many of us put off.


At the moment, face to face appointments aren’t possible, but our participating solicitors are still giving their time free of charge and talking to people over the phone or via video call.


We hope as many people as possible will take the opportunity during lockdown to make a will and make a much-appreciated donation to patient care.”


Bookings are being taken now for the following solicitors:

  • Best Solicitors

  • Bury and Walkers LLP

  • Elmhirst Parker LLP

  • Ison Harrison Solicitors

  • Peace Legal Limited

  • Pennine Law Solicitors

  • Wosskow Brown LLP


To make an appointment for Make a Will month, contact the solicitors directly.

Metrodome hosts rapid Covid testing

RAPID testing will be coming to Barnsley to help test key workers and discover asymptomatic patients.


A testing centre will be set up at the Metrodome and will roll out lateral flow tests for critical workers who are unable to stay at home to do their job, and who are more likely to come into contact with vulnerable people.


The lateral tests provide results in an hour, and will be used to identify asymptomatic people who may have the virus unknowingly.


Roughly one-in-three people have the virus but show no symptoms and could be contributing to the spread of the virus without knowing it.


The new tests can help find those with the virus more quickly.


A spokesperson for Barnsley Council said: “Following the government’s announcement regarding local authorities being encouraged to target testing to people who cannot work from home during lockdown, rapid regular testing is also being made available to those people who live and/or work in Barnsley.


The criteria for this will be the same – critical workers who are unable to stay at home due to their job role and who are likely to come into contact with vulnerable residents.


People wanting to take part will need to commit to taking a test twice a week for at least six weeks.”


To apply for rapid testing, click here.


Hospital launches competition to help new fundraising appeal

THE charity that helps support the hospital is asking for help to create a new design for a fundraising campaign.


Barnsley Hospital Charity has appealed for designs which will be printed on a new collection box for the Make a Memory Appeal.


The appeal will help to transform the care of the elderly ward into a calm and relaxing environment.


A spokesperson for Barnsley Hospital Charity said: “We are calling out to you, our amazing supporters, to create a design for a collection box based on our new logo and theme colours. 


“We have already sourced the prop we are going to use, we just need a design to be printed/painted on to the sides. Please design your idea on A4 paper and send them in to us.


“The competition is open for people of all ages and you can enter as many times as you would like.  We are looking for a colourful design that will be eye-catching to people walking past the collection box.”


The colours of the appeal are blue, green, and yellow would need to feature some butterflies within the design.


The competition will close on January 29.

Masks enforced in Morrisons

SUPERMARKET chains across Barnsley have revealed they will enforce mask-wearing in all stores.


Morrisons made the announcement yesterday (January 11) that all shoppers must wear a mask inside their stores unless medically exempt.


Sainsbury's soon followed suit after it was revealed that social distancing measures were not adhered to in supermarkets.


David Potts, Morrisons' chief executive, said: "Those who are offered a face covering and decline to wear one won't be allowed to shop at Morrisons unless they are medically exempt.


"Our store colleagues are working hard to feed you and your family, please be kind."


The changes took effect yesterday and wil be observed in the Morrisons in Barnsley town centre.

Claire offering hope to people in a time of crisis

A WOMAN who runs a Bolton-upon-Dearne church which helps those facing crisis has been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award.


Claire Ashby, 37, has been running House of Grace voluntarily for the last ten years, often working until the early hours of the morning to ensure that no one goes without the help they need – but her work doesn’t just stop there.


She also cares for her husband who has aggressive multiple sclerosis and looks after her four-year-old twins – though Claire, as a Christian, feels this is something she should be doing.


She said: “We’re both a church and a charity and our main aim to help alleviate the the poverty and suffering in our area.


“We help people who are facing crisis – if people lose things in a house fire we’d try and help with replacing any household items that they may need.


“We also provide families with school uniforms and winter clothing if they need the help.


“This month we’ve created a total of 50 bags of hope which contain food hampers and essentials, as well as delivering children some bundles of Christmas toys.”


Claire admits that working at the church does see her staying awake until late to ensure that everyone gets the help they need, but she hopes the work she does makes the community a better place to be.


“I’ve got to admit this year has been really exhausting – it’s been so busy with everything to do with Covid,” she added.


“I work late into the night once I’ve got the kids to bed and my husband sorted – sometimes I’m still working at one or two in the morning but it’s all worth it.”


Upon hearing of her nomination in the Community Hero category, Claire added: “You’ve just got to love our community, the nomination has made me really happy.


“I feel quite shocked but it’s nice that people are seeing what we’re doing.


“We don’t do this for recognition but it is nice – it’s gives us a lift.”

Barnsley students GCSE resit results released this week

BARNSLEY College students’ GCSE exam results for the November resits are due out this week.


The November GCSE resit results will be released on Thursday (January 14) on the OnTrack portal.


To access results online, visit the page ‘how to access your exam entries and results’, for step-by-step instructions of how to use the OnTrack portal.


A spokesperson for Barnsley College said: “We will not be posting out results slips as all the examinations staff are currently working from home.”

Barnsley Hospital to offer virtual appointments during the pandemic

BARNSLEY Hospital has turned virtual in a bid to consult with patients from their own homes.


Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, Barnsley Hospital is offering telephone and video consultations in order to minimise face-to-face contact between patients and clinicians, in a bid to reduce risks of an outbreak at the hospital.


A virtual appointment is when your healthcare professional will connect with you by a video call or telephone instead of you attending an appointment at the hospital.


A spokesperson for Barnsley Hospital said: “When booking your consultation you will be asked if you would prefer a telephone or video consultation.


“The video option is really simple to use and doesn’t require any software to be installed.


“You could be connected to your consultant in a few taps of your mobile phone.


“All we need is your mobile phone number so that we can text you a link for you to join the consultation.


“This will be sent to you when your consultant is ready to see you. If you prefer to just to have a telephone consultation just let us know.


“Video calls do help people feel as though they have face to face contact, but we recognise it’s not a suitable option for all patients.


“Your virtual appointment is a real appointment and should be treated as such, if you can’t make the date or time, please contact your department.


“Our teams are happy to rearrange but if you don’t contact us and/or don’t answer the video call then you will receive a letter from the hospital saying you did not attend the appointment.”


For the appointments, patients will need a computer, tablet or smart phone with a built-in camera and microphone, a quiet room and a good internet connection.

Post could be delayed to Barnsley postcodes

RESIDENTS across some parts of Barnsley may notice a delay in their postal deliveries caused by the effects of the pandemic.


Royal Mail today (January 12) annoucned that deliveries to some post codes will be delayed due to staff shortages caused by coronavius.


Residents in the S70, S71, S72, and S75 postcodes may see a change in the frequency of their deliveries.


A spokesperson for Royal Mail said: “Despite our best efforts and significant investment in extra resource, some customers may experience slightly longer delivery timescales than our usual service standards.


This is due to the exceptionally high volumes we are seeing, exacerbated by the coronavirus-related measures we have put in place in local mail centres and delivery offices to keep our people and customers safe. In such cases, we always work hard to get back to providing our usual level of service as quickly as we can.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Police have urged Barnsley residents to steer clear of vaccine scam

BARNSLEY police have now warned residents to stay vigilant of a scam text message that poses as the NHS to target people waiting for a Covid-19 vaccination.


A bogus text which urges people to book a vaccination appointment with a link to a fake website has been targeting residents of Barnsley.


South Yorkshire Police have now backed the council in warning others about the fraudsters, after it was revealed that people fell victim to the fake forms which ask for bank details to prove their identity.


A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “Action Fraud has received reports of fake text messages, claiming to be from the NHS, instructing people to sign up for the Covid-19 vaccine.


“The texts contain a link to an online form, which looks very similar to the real NHS website, where people are asked to input their details.


“The vaccine is a crucial tool in fighting the coronavirus and keeping people safe.


“Thankfully, the number of reports into Action Fraud are relatively low but we have seen an increase in the last two months, particularly around scam text messages.”

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