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BARNSLEY Hospital released a statement to remind visitors that outpatient appointments will still go ahead.


A spokesperson for the hospital said: “Contrary to reports you may have seen or heard in the media, Barnsley Hospital has not cancelled outpatient appointments.


Outpatients are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


In some cases, treatments have had to be re-arranged during the Covid pandemic.


The hospital keeps those patients affected informed with updates about their treatments.”

Man named in murder investigation

A 43-YEAR-old man who died following an incident in Barnsley earlier this month has been named.


Catalin Rizea was found with significant injuries at a property on Pindar Oakes Cottages on October 12.


He was found after another man, aged 44, attended Kendray Hospital with serious head injuries.


Catalin was taken to hospital where he died two days later.


The 44-year-old has since been discharged from hospital.


Gabriel Andrei, 40, and Florin Andrei, 44, have been charged with murder and grievous bodily harm and appeared in court on Monday, October 19.


Both men remain in police custody.

Fruit and veg supplier gives to those in need

A FRUIT and vegetable supplier wants to 'pay it forward' by providing healthy food for those who need it.


Nino Morris, owns and runs Morris' Fruit and Veg in Mapplewell.


Throughout the pandemic he has helped families to eat healthier by providing fruit and vegetable boxes with help from the Stairfoot Ward Alliance.


Now, Nino wants to help families who may struggle to eat throughout the school holidays by providing free boxes full of healthy foods.


I wanted to help my community and I had customers asking if they could help pay for a veg box for someone else,” said Nino. “So I give customers the option of paying for another box which will go to a family in need.


I think it's really important to eat healthily, especially in winter and if I can help families to get something towards a full meal then I am happy to help.


It's really nice seeing the community pull together and help people when they need it the most. I've been there and asking for help is very hard but I want people to know there is no shame in asking for help.


It's not just families who can benefit from this – anyone who has hit on hard times is eligible. The pandemic has affected us all in different ways and if we can help then we will.”


So far Nino has distributed more than 20 pre-paid boxes to those who need it.


To apply for a box, visit 'Fruit n Veg Delivery Barnsley' on Facebook.

COVID-19: All your key questions answered…

With winter fast approaching, it is now more important than ever for us all to carry on following COVID-19 precautions to help stop the spread of the virus by always observing the three-tier local restrictions and remembering three key words – Hands, Face, Space. Please continue to wash your hands, cover your face and make space between yourself and others to control infection rates.

Regional guidelines

Because there are local variations to COVID-19 restrictions, including local lockdowns and site-specific watch lists, we are all encouraged to keep checking the latest local and regional guidelines.

  • https://www.gov.uk/find-coronavirus-local-restrictions

  • Local authority websites also carry coronavirus support information for individuals, families and businesses.



Here, The UK Government answers your ten most asked questions …

Q: My son is in university campus accommodation with seven others who share a living room, kitchen and bathrooms but have their own bedrooms. Is this OK?

A: Your son and his friends likely constitute a household, so they can continue to gather together, but would not be able to socialise with another person as a household.

Q: My grandmother needs a carer. How can she ensure she is not going to catch COVID-19 if she hires one?

A: Guidance has been developed in collaboration with care provider representative groups for those delivering home care, to ensure that appropriate levels of hygiene are achieved to reduce the risk of infection. You should speak to your care provider about the processes they are following to maintain good hygiene.

Q: I went to a well-known coffee shop chain last week and was not asked to fill out my NHS Test and Trace information. Why not? Are there different rules for different kinds of establishments?

A: The UK Government has introduced a new law to make it mandatory for businesses in the hospitality sector, leisure and tourism sectors, close contact services and community centres and village halls to ask customers for their contact details to support NHS Test and Trace. However, it is only in hospitality sectors where refusal to provide this will necessitate the business refusing entry or service. This does not apply to services where products are taken off-site immediately, for example if food and drink is taken away. If a business offers a mixture of sit-in and takeaway services, contact information should only be collected for customers who are dining in.


Q: My children are starting to come home from school with snuffles and sore throats, but not fevers or coughs. Do I need to get them tested every time they complain of feeling “coldy”?

A: You should get your child tested if they develop one of the three main symptoms of COVID-19: a high temperature, a new continuous cough and/or a loss or change to their sense of smell or taste

Q: I am a pensioner and am feeling very lonely. A social group I was previously part of has started meeting for dinners etc. in small groups in restaurants. Would I be safe to join them?

A: If you live in a Medium risk area you are allowed to join small groups in restaurants, either indoors or outdoors, as long as the number doesn’t exceed six. If you live in a High or a Very High risk area you can meet in groups of up to six people outdoors, in some settings, and only one household indoors. Single households or support bubbles of more than six are still able to gather together.

Q: Can my local gym put on a yoga class for more than six people? And can I continue to play in my netball team?

A: Indoor sport can only take place if the general gathering rules in that area are complied with. In a High or Very High risk areas, individual households or bubbles can participate in indoor sport but must not mix with other households or bubbles. Disabled indoor sport and supervised sports for children are exempt from these restrictions. Outdoor sports can continue to take place with more than six people if they are organised by a company or other recognised body, and where this body undertakes the relevant precautions.

Q: I assume that since I am back at work with 15 people, I can have those people back to my house, to socialise in the garden, as long as we keep the same distance we would in the office. Is that right?

A: No, meeting with work colleagues outside of work is not COVID-19 secure and there is an increased transmission risk.


Q: If my neighbours are having a gathering that is clearly of more than six people, what do I do? Should I call the police?

A: The UK Government is in discussions about what official reporting mechanisms there might be, but people are encouraged to call the non-emergency police number (101) to report any breaches of COVID-19 measures. You should only use the emergency number (999) if there is an immediate threat to life.

Q: Can I book two tables of six in a restaurant so we can talk to each other but not gather at each other’s tables?

A: No. Talking across two tables of six would involve forming a larger gathering or mingling, which would be against the law.

Q: Am I allowed to have five friends back to my flat for a drink after the pubs close at 10pm?

A: Those within local COVID alert level Medium may continue to meet up to five other people so long as you ensure social distancing and other mitigations such as increased ventilation and good hygiene practices like regular hand washing. People in High and Very High risk areas cannot meet people from outside their own household inside but could sit in the garden.


Guidance at a glance 

  • General


  • COVID alert levels


  • Alert level postcode checker


  • NHS Test and Trace


  • Get an NHS test


  • Support bubbles 


  • COVID-19 in children


  • Work and financial support



Deliberate fires cause problems across the borough

FIREFIGHTERS from Cudworth station were called to a wheelie bin fire in Lundwood yesterday (October 22) - it marks the seventh deliberate fire reported to the team since last weekend.


Crews arrived at 10.22pm to tackle the blaze on Lang Avenue, which is believed to have been started deliberately.


The fire was put out by 10.46pm.


Earlier this week, firefighters across the borough were called other deliberate fires including two wheelie bin fires in Bolton-upon-Dearne on Tuesday night and a car fire on Sunday morning in West Melton.


Contraceptive survey launched

BARNSLEY Hospital has released a survey to help better understand women's contraceptive choices.


The survey was created by the public health team at Barnsley Council who want to understand what influences women's contraceptive choices.


The information collected in the survey will be used to help influence contraceptive services used across Barnsley.


To take part in the survey click here.

Mapplewell's problems could be parked

THE regeneration of a Mapplewell church car park has been unveiled to allow additional parking on the village’s high street.


In negotiations which lasted three years between local ward councillors, Principal Towns and Barnsley Council, the car park at Staincross Methodist Church will now be accessible to shoppers in the area.


Coun Harry Spence, who represents the Darton East ward, has praised the work done in resurfacing the car park for community use.


“This has taken years of negotiations between different parties but I’m thrilled that the car park is finished and ready to go after a lot of hurdles.


“The congregation at the church have been wonderful in helping this along and hopefully the car park will benefit both the church and the local community.


“I know parking is a major problem in Mapplewell but I believe this will go a long way in easing the problem.”


Rev Claire Rawlinson, the minister at the church, said: “The congregation of Staincross Methodist Chapel are very grateful for the support we have received from Barnsley Council in resurfacing our car park as part of the Principal Towns initiative. 


“It has made the car park much safer for the many church and community users. 


“The car park is now available for use by the community although there will be some times when we need to restrict use for church purposes.”


Coun Tim Cheetham, cabinet spokesperson for regeneration and culture, added: “Following consultation as part of the Principal Towns scheme, the local community said that there was a lack of available car parking at Mapplewell high street. 


“After considering options for creating additional space, we worked with Staincross Methodist Church to agree that the car park could be used by the public visiting the high street while ensuring the church had full use for their services.


“Now that the car park has been updated, it will be a real community asset, which will once again be able to hold community events in the future. 


“Additionally, the shop front scheme has delivered improvements which has really given the high street area a vibrant new feel.”

Face masks should be worn during school pick up times, urge council bosses

COUNCIL bosses have urged parents and families to wear face masks when picking up or dropping off their children up at schools after the half term break.


When students return from November 2, Barnsley Council have warned that social distancing should be enforced during school drop-off and pickup times.


A council spokesperson said: “When dropping off or picking up your children from school, you should always keep a two-metre distance from people not in your household.


“We also recommend that you wear a face covering at all times to further reduce the spread of coronavirus within school.


“Avoid gathering in groups with other parents.”

Amelia a cut above

AN online livestreamer has teamed up with his eight-year-old daughter to help raise thousands of pounds for a good cause.


Mike Lawrence, 33, from Darfield, who broadcasts himself live onto the website Twitch, has teamed up with his friends to raise more than £1,300 for The Little Princess Trust.


The team Ascendancy Gaming, made up of Mike and friends Rob Burnett, Laura Burnett, Callum Huxley and Michael Saltis, have challenged themselves to livestream for 24 hours straight.


Mike’s daughter Amelia, who had heard about her dad’s fundraiser, has decided to get involved by cutting her hair for the charity.


Mike said: “Amelia has always shown an interest in helping others and when she saw what we were up to, she wanted to get involved.


“She’s started her own sponsor sheet where she’s collecting donations for cutting her hair for The Little Princess Trust.


“I’m incredibly proud of her and she’s really helped us boost some donations. She sat and read some of the things people have been saying about it and she’s been in tears.


“So far we’ve raised nearly £1,500 which is overwhelming for all of us. We can’t believe how well it’s going.”


Mike’s stream, which will start from 9am on Halloween, October 31, will encourage his audience to continue to donate throughout.


“If we reach £2,020, I’ll be cutting my hair off. This is a big deal for me because I’ve had long hair for most of my life. It’ll be a massive change but will be worth it.


“We’re doing this for The Little Princess Trust because we all know somebody who has either had cancer or been affected by it.”


To watch Mike’s 24-hour livestream, visit MijMike on Twitch and click here to donate.

Littering problem hits home for campaigner

A LITTER-picking campaigner has urged Ward Green residents to keep streets clean after a neighbour emptied their bin onto his garden.


Zubair Warraich, of Holgate Mount, has been campaigning for cleaner streets across the borough after he noticed a significant increase in the amount of fly-tipping and litter in the last five years.


The 49-year-old, who had been spreading his message to his neighbours, was shocked to find that a bin had been emptied onto his front garden by one of his neighbours.


Zubair has since used this to his advantage by campaigning for harsher action taken to those who fly-tip and drop litter.


He said: “I have been involved in litter-picking and looking after my area since I moved here.


“I am an active member of the Love Where You Live initiative in Ward Green and actively get involved in making my street a better place.


“I was devastated to find the mess made on my garden. There was also a sign left with expletives written on it which my family could see.


“This was highly upsetting but if anything, it spurred me on to raise awareness even more.”


Zubair believes that the amount of waste left on Barnsley streets has increased dramatically and hopes people step-up for their area.


“Barnsley is a beautiful town and we need to look after it. For people to go out of their way to drop waste is hurtful.


“If people mess up our streets, it has a negative impact on the next generation who will have to deal with the mess.


“It has a bad impact on our mental health and makes our area look unappealing. It’s frustrating as it’s just so simple to do your bit.


“I’ve contacted Barnsley Council and hope something can be done about this. People can’t get away with dropping litter when they’re two seconds away from a bin.


“I hope what has happened will make people realise how important these issues are and make Barnsley a cleaner place.”

Shops across the borough will step up for struggling kids

SHOPS across the borough have been offering free school meals to children during the half term following the government’s decision to halt the vouchers.


Throughout next week, a number of Barnsley shop owners have announced they will provide a free meal to those who are usually entitled to free meals.


This comes after Penistone and Stocksbridge MP, Miriam Cates, was the only Barnsley MP to vote against the proposed plans to give out vouchers to struggling families earlier this week.


Businesses including Bridge End Fisheries in Penistone, Tankersley Manor, BARiSTA in Penistone, and The Snug Eating House in Grimethorpe and Stairfoot Subway - to name a few- have pledged to provide free meals throughout half term.


Julie Taylor, one of the owners at Bridge End Fisheries, will prepare children’s meals including sausage and chips or fish-cakes every weekday from 11am until 2pm.


She said: “I feel let down by the government and my local MP who I feel has let the children of Penistone down.


“It shouldn’t be left to us residents to pick up the pieces, but because of this decision we knew we had to help in any way we could.


“We’re in a fortunate position, but some others aren’t as lucky. It’s more important now than ever that we all come together.”


Sunil Mehan, owner of Subway at Stairfoot, has organised for vouchers to be sent out to anyone who applies for them in the hopes that it will encourage people to ask for help.


“I think there is a stigma around asking for help,” said Sunil. “We don’t want people to feel embarrassed that’s why we have set up the system where they can email and we will send them a voucher to be used within our store.


“We know that the holidays put a lot of pressure on parents and we want to help in anyway we can - and if that’s knowing where at least one meal will come from then we are happy to help in any way we can.


“Kids deserve to be fed and we don’t think that’s a political statement.”


Upcoming Events
October Tribute Month at Barnsley Trades Club

October Tribute month


Saturday 3rd October

Kelly Marie As Cher


Saturday 10th October

Jay Francis - George Michael sings the 80's


Saturday 17th October

Dave Vincent - Elvis is in the building!


Saturday 24th October

Karl Johnson - Freddie Mercury - Bohemian Rhapsody with a twist


Saturday 31st October

Backbeat Blues Brothers


Due to new regulations 7.30pm - 10.00pm- Table service only. Face covering to be worn when not seated.

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Local Books
RSPCA Cat Rehoming
Oliver and Charlie

Available soon

Oliver (tabby) and Charlie were lost and lonely kittens.  Oliver was found abandoned in a garden - desperate for love and attention.  A week later, Charlie arrived - he was found by a kind person who rushed him straight to the vets -

he was bloodied and bruised around his face and the vets could not decide whether he had been in a road traffic accident or whether he had been deliberately attacked.

He clung to life and gradually regained health and energy - and he blossomed when he was introduced to Oliver.

The kittens are now strong and healthy, and closely bonded - so we want them to go to a new home as a pair (we will not split them).  Oliver is fat and bouncy, he's vocal and extrovert.  Charlie is adorable, cheeky and loves to snuggle up with people.  He had a rough start in life so he's a little bit wary but not at all shy, especially when Oliver is around.

Both kittens were only about 5 weeks old when they came to us and both have been looked after by one of our amazing fosterers who has done a terrific job with them.

Can you give these wonderful little kittens a new home?

Please note:​To qualify for adoption assessment you must:​

  1. Be within one hour's drive of Barnsley.
  2. Apply via the online Perfect Match Form at www.rspca-barnsley.org.uk/adopt 

​​We will not take 'cold' phone calls about adopting cats or kittens.Any attempt to adopt via any other method will be regarded as invalid.​

Thank you.


Coco is a beautiful jet-black semi-longhaired cat who was brought in by RSPCA Inspectors having been left behind by her owners who simply moved out - and when we were alerted by some very kind neighbours, she had just given birth that very day.

Her kittens have just gone to their new homes and this sweet-natured girl is looking for her forever home.

She has been fostered in a home by one of our amazing fosterers who tells us that Coco has a simply lovely nature... quiet and friendly she is a joy to have around - and she simply loves being brushed.  Lucky for her that she enjoys being

brushed, because this approx 1 year old girl  has a tail to rival any squirrel !!

If you are interested in adopting me. please fill in our online Perfect match  form at www.rspca-barnsley.org.uk/adopt



Sweet, loving Molly came in along with several other gorgeous cats who arrived together with an inspector, full of fleas and sores. Sadly their owner wasn't able to offer them the care they needed.  With dedication, love and care from their fosterer and our vets, all the cats are now restored to their beautiful and healthy selves. 

As you can see Molly is exceptionally pretty, and she has a lovely, gentle nature. She will make someone a smashing companion. Sadly she keeps being passed by, we really can't understand why, but here she is - six months on - and still in rescue!

Molly is only young and deserves to have proper loving home with toys, fun and fussing, and to put her unfortunate start in life behind her.

This little sweetie is clearly waiting for someone really special, could you be the one she is waiting for?

If you are interested in adopting Molly, please fill in our Perfect Match form at www.rspca-barnsley.org.uk/adopt.

More News
Teen pays tribute to his dad with fundraising

A TEENAGER whose dad died of Covid-19 earlier this year has been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award after raising more than £1,100 for the doctors who treated him.


Evan Lunn, of Gawber Road, took on the Great North Run to raise funds for the Barnsley NHS workers who tried to save his dad’s life.


During the challenge, the 13-year-old, who has autism, visited places that reminded him of his dad Darren, including the Barnsley FC ground, Barnsley Hospital and Darren’s house.


Darren Lunn, 52, had a cardiac arrest in Barnsley Hospital’s intensive care unit in April after contracting the virus.


In September, Evan, along with his mum Deborah, her partner Andy and brother Dean, raised £1,135 for the NHS.


Deborah said: “It was definitely challenging. I wasn’t feeling well and Evan really struggled at the half-way point with pain in his feet.


“But we pulled together as a team and helped each other through it.


“I think what spurred him on was making his dad proud. We all agree that he’s a credit to his dad who would’ve been so chuffed with him.


“We set our initial goal at £200 but exceeded much more than we could have imagined.”


Deborah was shocked after strangers stopped the group during the run to donate to Evan’s fundraiser.


“People were still donating as we were running throughout the day. People stopped us and donated outside Barnsley Hospital and there were banners outside of his grandma’s house.


“Evan has been incredibly strong and brave since losing his dad but misses him everyday.


“He’s always wanted to meet the doctors that cared for Darren and thought the best way would be to raise some money and hand over the cheque in person.


“This week, Evan received a letter of thanks from Barnsley Hospital for his donation. He was really chuffed.”


Evan’s fundraising efforts have bagged him a nomination in the Young Superstar category at this year’s Proud of Barnsley awards.


Evan said: “I’m really shocked, I didn’t expect it at all. I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has donated or thought of me.”


His mum, Deborah, added: “It’s overwhelming and we’re grateful. He’s making his dad proud every day.”

Three-way collision causes traffic standstill in Darfield

POLICE were called to a three-way collision in Darfield yesterday (October 22) which brought traffic to a standstill.


Officers received reports of a Toyota, a Fiat and a Peugeot were involved in a crash on Edderthorpe Lane at 4.30pm.


The road was closed and an ambulance was in attendance.


Any injuries are not believed to be serious.

Council bosses issue guidance after Tier 3 restrictions

COUNCIL bosses have urged the public to follow government advice on self-isolation.


If a member of your household tests positive for the virus, all members of the house should self-isolate immediately for 14 days, the council has urged.


A spokesperson for the council said: “Your child cannot go to school if somebody in the same house as them has tested positive for coronavirus.


Instead, everybody in your household should isolate. This means that you should not leave your home or make contact with anybody that you do not live with.”

Reopening plans halted at a Barnsley theatre

THE Lamproom theatre - which recently announced it would be reopening in November - will postpone plans until tier three restrictions are reviewed.


The town centre theatre which has been closed for seven months, was due to open its doors for new performances from November 6.


However, following Wednesday’s announcement, plans have been halted whilst the restrictions take place.


A  Lamproom spokesperson said: “Sadly, because of the introduction of the tier three restrictions, the reopening of The Lamproom has been delayed for at least a month.


“We look forward to welcoming people back to The Lamproom when safe to do so, and have made changes to keep everyone safe when visiting us.”


For more information, visit The Lamproom website.


Two men charged after shots fired in Wath

ARRESTS have been made after shots were reportedly fired from a car in Wath-upon-Dearne yesterday (October 21).


Police are appealing for information following reports of firearms discharged from a dark grey or black car and a white BMW travelling in convoy on Wednesday.


The shots were fired at around 4.20pm on Quarry Hill Road. No-one has reportedly been injured.


A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “At around 4.30pm, a black four-by-four was involved in an accident after colliding with a tree close to the scene on Hoober Lane and Angel Lane in Brampton Bierlow.


“It is not established at this time if this vehicle was linked to the shooting.


“Two men, aged 24 and 25, have been arrested on suspicion of firearms offences. They remain in police custody.”


Police attended the scene and the road was closed while they conducted their enquiries.


If you have any information, call 101 quoting incident number 590 of October 21.

Spooky events to go ahead for Halloween

FAMILIES wanting to get into the spooky spirit now have the chance to visit local attractions for socially-distanced events to help you celebrate the season.


The team at Barnsley Museums have come up with socially-distanced and virtual events to help you and your little ones to celebrate Halloween.


At Elsecar Heritage Centre a spooky Where's Wally has been organised for families to explore outside the museum.


Halloween and bonfire night recipes will be shared at Experience Barnsley, and a scary film about a ghost at Worsbrough Mill will be shared online.


At Cannon Hall, children will have the opportunity to create their own monstrous masterpeice which will be created as part of Inktober.


Families can also get involved in live creative sessions from their own homes with an online holiday club for children aged four to 11 years old. The sessions will run throughout the half-term holiday.


To get involved, click here.

Supermarket staff raise cash for Barnsley NHS workers

STAFF at a Wombwell supermarket have been praised for donating more than £400 to Barnsley Hospital.


Three Tesco Express stores in Wombwell, Carlton Road and Huddersfield Road collected funds throughout the pandemic to donate to Barnsley Hospital Charity.


The team donated the cheque yesterday (October 20), to the hospital which will be used to support workers on the frontline.


A spokesperson for Barnsley Hospital Charity said: “Thank you to the super staff and customers of Tesco Express, this will make a real difference for our patients and staff.


“Your support is helping to give a pick-me-up in times of need.”

Little Twinkles shine bright in Wombwell

LITTLE Twinkles childminders in Wombwell who have been supporting kids – many from key worker households – throughout the lockdown period have been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award for their hard work.


Lisa Harrison, 45, of Dovecliffe Road, is the manager of the service which takes place at her home and she admits that the coronavirus pandemic did bring ‘challenging’ times – though this is something they have overcome.


She said: “We’ve been really busy recently throughout lockdown and we still are quite busy – there’s nine or ten children here nearly every day.


“It’s been quite a challenging time in terms of cleaning regimes, I spend 45 minutes after every day sterilising all the equipment that we use but it’s all to make sure that the children are safe.


“We’re trying to keep it as normal as we possibly can for the children because it is obviously quite hard for a lot of them, we’re having to stick to rules like not letting them play with play dough and things like that – they’re not used to that so everyone’s trying their best with the new measures.


“A lot of our children that have been affected might not have been with us for 12 weeks so when they come back it’s like starting brand new for them – that’s bound to be hard which is why we’re here to support them.”


Lisa works alongside her colleagues Rebecca and Elisha who help ensure the safety and care of the children, with one parent describing them as a ‘superb team who always go above and beyond’.


The children are cared for at her home in Wombwell, with a cabin used as a classroom in her garden.


Lisa has been running the childminders for 15 years, but has worked in childcare before that – working in schools across the borough such as special school Greenacre.


Upon hearing of their nomination in the Children’s Champion category, Lisa added: “It’s lovely that we’ve been recognised for the work that we’ve been doing.


“We’ve got some really good parents, a lot of them are key workers, and they’re all really supportive with any new measures that we have the put in place which is great.


“I’m really pleased that we’ve been nominated.”

Police appeal after town centre assault

ANTISOCIAL behaviour continues in a town centre hotspot as officers appeal for information following an assault at a Barnsley taxi rank.


On October 17, at 10.45pm the police were called to Peel Square in the town centre following reports of a man who had been assaulted in the taxi rank.


A 25-year-old man remains in a critical condition after he suffered a serious head injury.


A 38-year-old man was arrested and has since been released on bail.


A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “Officers are keen to speak to anyone who witnessed the assault, who helped the victim following the assault while waiting for emergency services to attend.


They are also keen to hear from anyone who was driving along Peel Street between the hours of 10:30pm and 10:45pm and may have dash-cam footage.”


If you have any information phone 101 quoting incident number 1129 of October 17.

Building works at hospital could cause disruption

DISRUPTIONS at Barnsley Hospital are likely next week as building works are carried out.


From today (October 21) there will be some changes to the way ambulances will be operating due to construction of a new ambulance canopy.


A spokesperson for Barnsley Hospital said: “The work to construct the ambulance canopy will take seven consecutive days and will also affect some access to car park 4 and drop off and taxi areas.


There will be a traffic attendant on duty to help visitors navigate.”

Barnsley moves into Tier Three

BARNSLEY will be moved into Tier Three of lockdown measures following talks by local leaders and the government.


The whole of South Yorkshire will be placed on 'very high' alert level after the region has seen a spike in coronavirus cases.


In Barnsley around 875 people are becoming infected with the virus each week – according to figures released by Barnsley Council.


Leaders agreed a funding package of £41m to be given to the area to help support industries and local economies. A total of £30m of this will be allocated to support businesses and £11m will help deliver test and trace.


The new restrictions mean:

  • People must not socialise with anybody they do not live with or have formed a support bubble with, in any indoor setting or in any private garden or at most outdoor hospitality venues and ticketed events

  • People must not socialise in a group of more than six in an outdoor public space such as a park or beach, the countryside, a public garden or a sports venue

  • All pubs and bars must close, unless they are serving substantial meals

  • People should try to avoid travelling outside the very high alert level or entering a very high alert level area, other than for work, education or for caring responsibilities or to travel through as part of a longer journey

  • Residents should avoid staying overnight in another part of the UK, and others should avoid staying overnight in the very high alert area


Barnsley Central MP, and Sheffield City Region MP, Dan Jarvis said: We all recognise the gravity of the situation and have taken the responsible route to ensure we save lives and livelihoods, and protect our NHS.


More older people are contracting the virus. The number of people with Covid in our hospitals has doubled over the last ten days, with no signs this will relent over the coming weeks. Inaction was not an option.


While infection rates vary across South Yorkshire, collective action was the only practical choice to keep everyone in our region safe. If restrictions are effective, individual local authorities will be able to move to lower alert levels as soon as it is safe to do so, in consultation with fellow local leaders, myself and national government.


However, to reach that point as quickly as possible, it’s critical people in South Yorkshire follow the new restrictions as soon as they are in place.


I want to thank everyone in the region for their perseverance. The character and grit of people in South Yorkshire will be needed in abundance to help us get through what will be an incredibly challenging period.”


Betting shops, adult gaming centres, casinos and soft play areas will also close under the new restrictions.


Gym classes will not be allowed but gyms will remain open with social distancing guidelines in place.


The restrictions will come into effect at 12.01am on Saturday, October 24.

Barnsley Hospice charity shops set to unveil retail hub

BARNSLEY Hospice’s charity shops which closed their doors this month following financial difficulties are set to renovate the Dodworth donation centre into a retail hub.


The hospice made the announcement earlier in the month that each of its six charity shops across the borough will be forced to close.


However from December, the Dodworth donation centre will be revamped into a retail hub so people are able to shop for leftover goods.


A spokesperson for Barnsley Hospice said: “This is some good news. The donation centre will still be accepting donations through November whilst it is being revamped.”


More details are set to be released soon.


Town centre care home left reeling from vandals

‘DISRESPECTFUL’ vandals targeted a town centre care home sign which thanked staff for their efforts during the lockdown.


Staff and residents at Eboracum House, on Park Grove, were devastated to find that the home’s ‘thank you’ sign had been defaced overnight.


Sherralyn Newton, the manager at the home, was left reeling and has said she hopes this doesn’t happen to other homes across the borough.


She said: “It’s really upsetting to see that people have been this careless and inconsiderate.


“Everybody has worked incredibly hard during this pandemic and this was our way of showing our appreciation. 


“It’s mind-boggling that people would be so selfish during a time when we should all be pulling together.



“I appreciate everybody’s support during this time and for spreading the word about what has happened.”

Healthy meals are on the menu this half term following successful scheme

A TEAM that cooked up a way to help families get healthy meals during the summer break is urging more families to reach out over the October half term.


The Central Area Team, which covers the Central, Dodworth, Kingstone, Stairfoot and Worsbrough wards has relaunched a successful initiative to support families during the school holidays.


The team, who supported more than 100 families in the area during the pandemic, are hoping that more families reach out for support with the scheme.


Households are provided with fresh ingredients, sourced locally, and recipe cards throughout each week to ensure they can make ‘healthy versions of family classics’.


Coun Wayne Johnson, who helped with the initiative, encourages any family to get additional support if needed.


He told We Are Barnsley: “We’re hoping to help more than 200 people this time around and expand the net further.


“If you’ve had difficulty during this tough time, please get in touch with us. This scheme is here to support families who may just need that extra boost.”


For more information, contact the team on 774883 or by emailing centralteam@barnsley.gov.uk.

NHS COVID-19 app helps us protect our loved ones

The NHS COVID-19 app can make a real difference to how we all tackle the pandemic, protecting our loved ones and those most at risk from coronavirus. Everyone aged 16 and over across England and Wales can download the app for free and play their part in combating the pandemic. 

Get the app

  • To download the NHS COVID-19 app for free visit the App Store or Google Play now.

  • Learn more at covid19.nhs.uk




Downloading the NHS COVID-19 app is a vital way in which we can all play our part in tracking the spread of the virus while protecting those we love. Many across England and Wales have already downloaded the app, which includes a range of features, from inputting symptoms to quickly alerting you if you are at risk from coronavirus. Everyone aged 16 and older can now download the app onto their smartphone for free. It works by logging the time and distance a user has spent near other app users, so is able to alert them if that person subsequently tests positive. Designed to the highest standards of data privacy and data security, it tracks the virus, not people. The app doesn’t hold any personal information such as name, address or date of birth. And it only requires the first half of your post code to ensure local outbreaks can best be managed.

For some features – such as booking a test – the app may require more information from the user, but only with their explicit consent. The app anonymously notifies anyone you have been in contact with if you enter a positive coronavirus test result.



The app can also alert you to the virus risk level in your local area, based on the first part of your post code. On average this covers 8,000 households and, as such, does not personally identify you. It also allows you to check in at venues by scanning a QR code so you can be notified quickly and anonymously if there’s an outbreak.

The app cannot track your location. It doesn’t need to know who anyone is or where they are. As you come into contact with other app users, your phones automatically exchange random codes that alert the app if you have been near anyone for more than 15 minutes and at a distance of less than two metres.

These codes cannot be used by the NHS, government or anyone to identify who you are or who you’ve spent time with.

If someone later reports a positive test result, the app sends an anonymous alert to anyone who may be at risk. The codes are random, encrypted and deleted after 14 days. It operates using low-energy Bluetooth rather than GPS and will not drain your battery. If you have already downloaded the app, ensure you continue to use it to protect yourself and your loved ones.



Just what the doctors ordered




Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE is a London GP, and an NHS Test and Trace spokesperson. “Downloading the app is definitely part of the solution. Every country that has done well with COVID-19 has got one of these apps.

If only a small proportion of the population take this up, it is going to increase the number of people who are being alerted and who are told they could be at risk of spreading the virus. That means that we can get the R number infection rate down and hopefully prevent a general lockdown. By putting in only half your postcode, it will alert you to the risk of coronavirus in your area. I used this function the other day. The alert told me the risk had risen from low to medium. This is important for you to know. For instance, you might rethink what you do in terms of your visiting, socialising, going out and about.

It is decentralised and all information is stored on your phone. You can delete the app at any time and everything disappears. It cannot enforce self-isolation. It does not know who you are or where you are.

It is really important to stress that nothing entered on the website will be shared with the app and nothing from the app will be shared with the website. The only information that passes between the two is a completely anonymous digital token that gets the result back to the app.”



Prof Christophe Fraser is Professor of Pathogen Dynamics at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford.

The more we can participate with NHS Test and Trace, stay in well ventilated areas, wear face coverings and wash hands, the less likely we are to end up in lockdown.

So there’s a social pact there. You can just think if you, your friends and your colleagues use the app, you’ve got an early warning system that here comes the virus.

In the UK we’re on a knife-edge and we do face a difficult situation.

There are local lockdowns already. NHS Test and Trace is a system that works. The app is there to help people. The testing needs to happen quickly and we need to support people who are quarantining.

Businesses and workplaces absolutely must regard this as an important thing that people are doing that helps us control the epidemic.

If we do more than what we’re doing now then we can get there.

So just a bit more of an effort and we can get the epidemic under control.

We will make a difference.

Our team all agree that the more people who download the app, the more we can add to the control effort.

If more of us do it, the more we can turn the tide.”



Dr Amir Khan is a GP, TV doctor and best-selling author.

It’s beneficial because you don’t have to ring anyone, you don’t have to go online and search for anything. Once you’ve downloaded it, it’s there on your phone.

It’s really user friendly – honestly. I’m saying that as a complete technophobe. So, if I can use it and find it fairly easy, anyone can use it.

If you have a smartphone, you should download this app. The reason why is that we need everyone to get on board with this idea of controlling the spread of the virus.

The best way to do that is knowing where the outbreaks are and knowing when someone who has tested positive might have been in your vicinity.

It works by Bluetooth technology on your phone. I was worried that it would drain my battery, because I am always on the phone talking to people, but it doesn’t.

It’s really slick and really effective. The more people who download it, the more effective it will be.

The idea is that we want as many people as possible to download this app.

The more people who download it, the better it will be and the more effective it will be for controlling the spread of the virus.”




Dr David Bonsall is a Researcher at Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Medicine and Clinician at John Radcliffe Hospital.

You have two options when it comes to testing and contact tracing. You either test and contact trace people faster than the virus to stop the spread or you test and contact trace people slower than the virus and you watch it spread.

We knew we needed to speed the system up so we came up with a core algorithm for contact tracing using smartphones that have the ability to detect when two people have come together. It provides

hope at a time when there isn’t a lot going around. The public understands that, if you take a process that isn’t working because it’s too slow and you add computers and smartphones into the mix, then you can make the process more efficient. By doing this, you save lives. For example, if you download it and I download it and we come into close contact, if you get infected and the app notifies me that I might be infected, I don’t go and visit my gran as a result. I can help protect her. That’s how this works. Gran doesn’t need the app to benefit from it. If you download the app, you’re protected and you’re more likely to be protecting the people you care about around you.”


Visit the App Store or Google Play and download the NHS COVID-19 app now. Learn more at covid19.nhs.co.uk

Urgent product recall on Lidl cheese

LIDL has issued an urgent product recall after plastic was found in blocks of cheese.


The affected 900g Simply Mature White Cheddar have a best before date of December 26, 2020.


Other blocks of the same cheddar with different best before dates, and other products in the Simply range are not affected.


A spokesperson for Lidl, said: "Food safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we would like to reassure our customers that Lidl only works with reputable, accredited suppliers, who have strict controls and procedures in place to ensure that our products meet the high standards expected by both ourselves and our customers.


"We are in close communication with our cheese supplier, together carrying out a thorough investigation on this particular case."


To return your product you can:

  • Return to a Lidl store, with or without a receipt and will receive a full refund

  • Dispose of the product and email customer.services@lidl.co.uk and include a photo of the cheese with the best before date clearly visible.

Matthew helps to net charities £100k

A HOYLAND man who has helped to raise more than £100,000 for local charities with his ice hockey tournaments has been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award.


Matthew Newton, of Lilac Crescent, annually holds Christmas and summer ice hockey fundraising events in support of the Children’s Hospital Charity and other local causes.


The 38-year-old, along with fellow organiser Craig Smith, was also inspired to donate toys to the children’s ward at Barnsley Hospital following a visit with his children.


Matthew said: “We’ve been doing these events for a few years now after first playing at a charity event in Sheffield years ago.


“Players and supporters give up their time to play these two matches a year with all the proceeds donated to important charities.


“I think this year in particular has highlighted the importance of our NHS so I’m thrilled we can help out in whichever way we can.”


Matthew has been impacted first-hand by the work both Barnsley Hospital and the Children’s Hospital Charity do which encouraged him to help.


“In 2018, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer which really hit home how necessary our hospitals are.


“When being at the children’s ward at Barnsley Hospital, I could see how some of the toys had been damaged over time and knew I could help.


“Last year, we encouraged people to bring unwanted toys to the game – this led to us bringing boxes and boxes of toys for the hospital to use.


“These included £10 video game vouchers for the older children which the hospital could distribute where they saw fit.”


Matthew’s generosity has landed him a nomination in the Charity Fundraiser category at this year’s Proud of Barnsley awards.


“I’ve always aimed to do my bit where I can. I’ve been involved with the sport for years and know how generous the community is.


“Christmas can be a tough time for people so for us to help either financially or through donations will hopefully make a big difference.


“In the current climate, we’ve had to postpone our summer and most likely Christmas events but I’m keen to continue to fundraise in any way I can in the meantime.”

'Disgusting' waste ditched on a Stairfoot field

VOLUNTEERS were shocked to find a plethora of ‘disgusting household waste’ including soiled nappies on a street in Stairfoot.


On Sunday, Coun Wayne Johnson, who represents the Stairfoot ward, helped to clear an array of items ditched near Wombwell Lane.


Items left near the ‘wheels’ statue include soiled nappies, boots, car disc plates and general waste.


Coun Wayne Johnson said: “It’s infuriating when volunteers step forward to help in keeping our area clean and tidy and then they are faced with this disgusting situation.


“However, the person responsible was kind enough to supply us with his contact details from the waste.


“Perhaps he may find it would have been cheaper to have disposed of his waste responsibly soon enough.”

Long-lost sculpture found by volunteer group

VOLUNTEERS were shocked when they got more than they bargained for after they discovered a long-lost sculpture along a popular walking trail.


The Wath, West Melton, and Brampton Litter Pickers had been clearing an area along Manvers Way for the past two weeks when they stumbled across a large sculpture.


The sculpture of a book was found overgrown along the pathway and the volunteers decided to clear it for the public to see.


We first found the sculpture during the summer,” said volunteer, Kerry Beatson. “We didn't want to disturb any nests there so we left it until the autumn when we could get in and clear the area.


I don't think many people know it's even there, it was so overgrown I think people just walk past it.”


Designed to represent the ending of the mining industry, and the 'new chapter' for Wath, the sculpture team believe the sculpture was created in the late 1990s.


Now they want to help keep the area tidy so that people can enjoy the art.


It can be seen from the Trans Pennine Trail,” added Kerry. “We now want to make sure the area is looked after so that it can be a nice place for people to visit.”

Police called to collision

POLICE were called to an incident after a car and van collided at the weekend.


On Saturday, October 17 at around 2pm, officers were alerted to a collision on William Street, Barnsley.


A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “Police attended the scene to recover the vehicles.


No injuries were reported to us.”

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