MORE than 80 per cent of South Yorkshire Police officers experienced ‘stress or low mood’ last year, a survey has revealed.

The Police Federation of England and Wales heard from 409 force officers for its Pay and Morale Report 2023.

According to the report, 41 per cent of respondents said their job was ‘very or extremely stressful'.

Similarly, 14 per cent of officers said they needed medical attention for one or more work-related violence injuries in the last year.

Dave Baines, secretary of the South Yorkshire Police Federation, said the figures were ‘shocking and saddening in equal measure’.

“We must remember the police officers behind them who are suffering,” he said. "These are real people – mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. Not robots.

“The government can at least attempt to fix this by properly paying police officers who are out there every day catching criminals, keeping people safe and showing outstanding bravery.

“The 99.99 per cent of officers who put their lives on the line every day and work unbelievably long hours need to be acknowledged. We need fair pay for policing.”

Chief Constable Laura Poultney said the force is working with the union to address their concerns.

She added: “I want our officers to be assured that I recognise the issues highlighted. While South Yorkshire Police officers hold tremendous amounts of professionalism and passion for the job, I know times are hard for everyone at the moment and this includes my workforce.”