POLICE officers were out and about in Barnsley last week in a bid to tackle knife crime across the borough.

Operation Sceptre ran until Sunday, and highlighted the work officers do every day to combat knife crime offences.

Throughout the week, officers completed high-visibility patrols across the borough to ensure residents were kept safe.

Knife test purchase operations across the county at retail premises were also been carried out, ensuring they have correct procedures and challenges in place for anyone who wants to buy a knife or bladed article.

Local primary schools had visits from Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) officers, delivering informative and educational sessions around knife crime.

Detective Superintendent David Cowley said: “Our officers are all too familiar with the heartbreaking aftermath knife crime brings to our communities. Carrying a knife is illegal.

“People don’t realise that you are more likely to get hurt from the knife you are carrying than from someone else who is.

“It not only puts others, including innocent members of the community, at risk but also yourself.

“This week is business as usual for us, as tackling knife crime is a priority for our force, but it allows us to show you, our residents, what we are doing to keep you safe. We also know the importance of engaging with children from a young age around the dangers of carrying knives and what the consequences are.

“This is why we have placed a lot of focus on engagement in local schools and continue to support the work Lifewise Centre delivers through the year.”