SOME noisy new arrivals have arrived at Cannon Hall Farm thanks to the redevelopment of a brand new outdoor mammal enclosure.

The tourist attraction has just opened its very first prairie dog enclosure to celebrate the North American creature, that is a type of ground squirrel.

The family pack has come to the farm from South Lakes Safari Zoo as part of the ever-expanding small mammals project headed up by Georgie Kaye.

She said: “The prairie dogs are a really fascinating prairie species, I like to think of them as little cowboys, living in deserts. Many people thought, because of the name, I was actually bringing dogs, but they are very small and cute.

“We already have the most varied collection of rodents in the UK and these are a great addition to this, the visitors are really enjoying seeing them.”

The farm is giving the new arrivals time to settle in, but then plans to add in feeding experiences so visitors can get even closer to the breed.