EXTRA police officers, teams and staff descended on Barnsley this morning as Operation Duxford returned.

Briefed by senior and district commanders, boots, paws and hooves hit the ground as teams cracking down on crime left Churchfields.

The dedicated operation will focus on child exploitation, neighbourhood crime and anti-social behaviour and run throughout the day and night as specialised teams and officers from across South Yorkshire join Barnsley colleagues.

Barnsley Superintendent Emma Wheatcroft said: “We always welcome the officers and teams from across the force joining us in Barnsley as part of Op Duxford to tackle the issues that matter the most to our communities.

“Those believed to be involved in crime may have already had an early morning wake-up call from officers who have been executing warrants for Class A drugs and those linked to organised crime.

“Within less than an hour following our briefing, we already had prisoners in our custody for money laundering and theft of vehicles.

“Throughout the rest of the day, teams will be focussing on protecting our most vulnerable and carrying out property checks to ensure criminals are not exploiting them and their homes.

“If you are out in Barnsley today and see our officers, please stop to speak to them, they are there to help and your concerns help shape our next days of action.

“You will find our Barnsley Central Neighbourhood Team outside Glassworks showcasing emergency service vehicles and equipment - go along to say hello!”