DESPITE the soaring temperatures, oil-heated homes across the borough are being urged to have their boiler serviced to avoid costly bills in the winter.

You may not be thinking about keeping your home warm given the recent heatwave, but studies show that the summer months are the best time for homeowners to conduct essential maintenance on their oil boilers.

Having your boiler regularly serviced can prolong their life span and could potentially lower energy costs in the winter months.

During an annual service, a technician will clean and inspect the boiler, replace any faulty components and check for leaking flue gases, which could include dangerous carbon monoxide. They will also inspect the property’s oil tank for visible signs of damage.

Malcolm Farrow from heating company OFTEC, said: “Having your boiler regularly serviced is crucial, not only to ensure the efficient running of your heating system, but also the safety of your home.

"Over time, soot can build up in your boiler which can cause it to lock out and, in the worst-case scenario, stop working entirely which can be a costly call out. Your annual service should, however, prevent any minor issues and keep your boiler clean, efficient and in good working condition.”

“That being said, if you have any concerns about your boiler, don’t wait until your annual service to ask questions. If you notice any changes, such as odd noises or your boiler struggling to reach temperature, call a technician as soon as you can.”