THE world-renowned Grimethorpe Colliery Band was live on the Pyramid Stage at the recent Glastonbury Festival.

A number of the members were on hand to perform as part of Coldplay’s headline act in front of 125,000 live in the crowd, and 25 million more watching on TV.

Barnsley hip-hop artist Delilah Bon also performed at the festival just hours after a gig at Pride in London.

Delilah Bon, the alter ego of local star Lauren Tate, performed at Pride in London in Leicester Square and then, just nine hours later, she was on hand to sing to thousands of fans on Glastonbury’s Peace Stage.

She said: “What a dream come true for so many years I’ve dreamt of these moments, to be standing on stage with my best friends and screaming words that I only once would dare write in my private journals.

“This year is all happening so fast, I have so much going on and sometimes I get so caught up in everything I don’t get a moment to take it in.

“But at Glasto I really took it in.

“Performing songs that I wrote and produced myself in what I believed at the time was a ‘side project’ to now standing on these stages.

“It just means absolutely everything to me.”