A DRUG dealer who drove a stolen vehicle dangerously through Wath before being taken down by police officers has been jailed.

Ryan Nisbet, 23, of Doncaster, was spotted by officers who were on mobile patrol in Wath displaying false number plates on a Ford Fiesta.

He sped off and ignored calls to pull over and instead led officers on a 70mph pursuit down a 30mph road.

Nisbet also drove 50mph down a narrow street with parked cars before crashing the vehicle and trying to escape on foot.

Officers were able to track Nisbet and apprehend him as he tried to climb over a fence near Moor Road.

He admitted to having drugs in his possession and said that he’d been paid to drive the stolen vehicle.

Stan Bentley, 25, of Stuart Street, Thurnscoe, who was a passenger in the vehicle, was arrested by another officer after fleeing in another direction, with both brought into custody.

Nisbet’s phone was seized, with analysis showing damning evidence that he had been involved in the supply of illegal drugs.

Temporary Detective Inspector Laura Procter said:“Nisbet’s version of events just didn’t add up. When he was first arrested, he claimed he wasn’t driving the vehicle but he later said that he’d been paid to drive it instead.

“He admitted to having drugs in his possession and a drugs expert concluded that the amounts recovered far exceeded what would be considered ‘personal use’.

“The pursuit of the vehicle led to the arrest and prosecution of two drug dealers who I’m pleased are now behind bars after being given custodial sentences.

“A lot of hard work went into this case, with meticulous forensic enquiries, drug testing and video compilations all helping to secure charges against these two individuals.

“We won’t tolerate the supply of our drugs in South Yorkshire, and we will continue to pursue those who deal illegal substances in our county.”

Nisbet was jailed for a total of three-and-a-half years on June 7 at Sheffield Crown Court after pleading guilty to aggravated vehicle taking and dangerous driving, being concerned in the supply of cocaine, possession with intent to supply cocaine and possession of cannabis.

He has been disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence for three years and three months, with a judge also ordering that the drugs seized be forfeited and destroyed.

Bentley was jailed for a total of five-and-a-half years at the same court for a number of offences which included selling cocaine.