CHRISTMAS may be more than a month away, but one Penistone resident hopes to help bring a smile to people’s faces with his annual Christmas lights display.

For the past five years, Stephen Baumber, 40, has decked the outside of his home on Long Furlong with an abundance of Christmas lights.

From reindeer to flashing stars, Stephen and his family aim to spread festive cheer and raise money for charity in the process.

“We started to decorate our home in 2005 when my daughter was born,” said Stephen. “But it really took off when we moved to Long Furlong and we went all-out decorating.

“People really seemed to love our display and it would attract quite a big crowd so we started raising money for charity in the process.”

Each year Stephen chooses a local charity to collect donations for when he plans his Christmas lights display.

He estimates that over the years he has raised more than £3,000.

“People come from around Penistone to see our lights switch on,” he added. “That’s usually when we raise the most money and it’s al for a good local cause.

“This year we will be raising money to install some benches to help promote the importance of mental health. I think it’s important, especially this year that people have a place to go where they can have a breather or chat to someone about how they are feeling.

“The Christmas lights are a fun way of raising money, and if it brings a smile to one child in the process then I’m happy with that.”

Stephen usually holds a ‘lights switch-on’ event at his home, however due to the restrictions around the current pandemic, he will host a Facebook live this year.

“It will be a bit different than other years, but I want to still go ahead with the switch-on,” he added. “I don’t want anyone to miss out.”

The lights will be turned on on November 28 at around 6.30pm.

To donate to Stephen’s fundraiser, click here.