FOOTBALL FAN Charlotte Grange got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when she got to walk hand-in-hand with John Stones at England’s match against Slovenia.

The nine-year-old from Oxspring can’t stop saying ‘thank you’ and it’s all thanks to her grandad Kelvin Connolly, who won her the position through the Lidl ‘Kids Team’ scheme.

Unfortunately, Kelvin was unable to join – as in his words he’s getting ‘a bit long in the tooth’ – so Charlotte’s aunt Clare Connolly took the young Penistone Church goalie instead, with the two jetting off to the Euros in Germany.

“She’s been over the moon,” said Kelvin. “Her and my daughter have had the best time – Lidl’s treated them like queens. We only learned that she’d be going on with John about an hour before.

“Someone from UEFA asked if she could go on with him because they’ve got that connection with Barnsley.

“We were watching on TV and you could see he was kneeling down to talk to her.

“He’s a god to her now.”

While the 0-0 draw may have disappointing for fans, it didn’t ruin the incredible experience.

On top of the match, Charlotte was gifted a Lidl kit – which the team signed – a backpack filled with goodies, and a jam-packed schedule of activities.

Charlotte told her grandad that if there was another word for thank you, she’d say it to him ‘thousands of times’.

“Lidl’s given me the best birthday present I’ve ever got,” Kelvin added.

“They were singing from the start to the end of the match – it was just magical.

“This is the best birthday I’ve had in my life – it was just unbelievable.”