ANTISOCIAL behaviour is a key concern for Barnsley South East police as officers warn of spikes in criminal behaviour in the area.

Earlier today (October 1), officers listed key locations where reports of antisocial behaviour had spiked in recent weeks.

These include:

- The parking area on Cemetery Road, Jump

- The void land to the rear of Springwood Gardens, Hoyland

- Elsecar Heritage car park

- Woodhead Lane, Wombwell

PCSO Shaun McDermott, for the South East team, said: “If you’re the type of person who is fed up with antisocial behaviour blighting these locations, rest-assured we are looking at them very closely.

“If you’re the type of person who frequents these locations to engage in antisocial behaviour know this - you have to be lucky every time you’re there whilst we, on the other hand, only have to be lucky once.

“Antisocial behaviour in any form and at any location will not be tolerated and we will deal with those involved in a most robust way.”