A CAR port which was erected without planning consent will have to be removed following an unsuccessful appeal.

Raymond Law, of Badsworth Close, Wombwell, constructed the structure and then sought retrospective planning permission.

Barnsley Council dismissed his bid and a subsequent appeal was submitted by Mr Law to the Planning Inspectorate, which has the power to overrule a council’s decision.

However, an inspector dismissed the appeal and ruled in the council’s favour, meaning the structure will have to be dismantled.

A report said: “I saw during my site visit that the development has been carried out and the carport has already been constructed at the appeal site.

“Therefore, I have considered the appeal on the basis that planning permission is being sought retrospectively.

“Together with its prominent location within the frontage of the host dwelling, the development appears incongruous amongst the generally open frontages which characterise the street.

“I conclude that the development has had a harmful effect on the character and appearance of the area.

“My attention has been drawn to a council decision to approve a planning permission for a carport to the front of a property on Mortimer Road, Cubley.

“From what I have seen, the circumstances in that case are not usefully comparable, including in respect of the characteristics of the locality.

“Even if structures have been approved within front gardens elsewhere, I have considered this appeal on its own merits and the site-specific circumstances.

“For the reasons given above, I conclude that the appeal should be dismissed.”