AGE UK Barnsley has offered a special thank you to donors after receiving contributions in recent weeks.

The charity received three substantial donations, including £1,000 from a Penistone resident who wishes to remain anonymous, £508 from Raymond Horsley and £155 from local musician Alan Wood.

Age UK Barnsley chief executive Debby Bunn said: “We are immensely grateful to our wonderful friends and supporters for raising funds on behalf of Age UK Barnsley and making these incredibly generous financial contributions towards the work that we do.

“Every penny that we receive in donations like these, or that we raise ourselves, goes towards supporting older people in Barnsley and delivering our collective mission of making Barnsley the best possible place to grow older.

“Age UK Barnsley is a fiercely independent local charity who relies on the generous support of local people and we are so grateful to receive these generous donations to our cause.”