PENISTONE family band Scandal released their latest album – Shy Moon – earlier this week.

The band – made up of husband and wife duo Craig and Audrey Parsons and son Keegan – unveiled their second album on Wednesday.

Craig described the new album as a ‘thrilling blend of fresh songs’ and was delighted to release his family’s work.

He said: “It includes the previously released singles ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘Love Is A Ghost’, ‘The Bridge’, ‘What?’ and ‘Mother’ which have collectively already racked up over 85,000 streams on Spotify.

“Alongside these, the album contains seven new tracks, each one a strong reflection of what the band is capable of.

“A special surprise is an orchestral version of one of the band’s most popular songs, Where Angels Guard The Sky. It’s heavy, dark and moody. The journey to completing the album was not without its challenges.

“The band faced numerous hurdles, including a serious ear infection that struck myself, bringing recording and production to a halt.

“Equipment breakdowns, other work commitments, and bouts of flu further tested our determination.

“Despite these obstacles, Scandal persevered, channelling their energy into getting the job done.

“We believe Shy Moon has something new to offer music fans, and on every level, displays growth and development by the band.”