THE headteacher of a Royston primary school is urging parents to park considerately when picking their children up – after a pupil was nearly run over last week in a ‘terrifying’ ordeal.

Rachel Ward, headteacher at Parkside Primary Academy on Midland Road, received a letter from a year five child – Bronte Webster – last week alerting her of an incident which happened outside the school gates.

The letter said: “I’m writing to inform you about the cars on Vicarage Lane.

“Whilst walking home from school with my nannan a car nearly hit us which mounted the pavement as we were walking past.

“We found this terrifying as we have not been in this situation before.

“We know you can’t do anything about this but people need to be made aware of how dangerous this is.”

The headteacher told the Chronicle the issue has been an ongoing problem for a number of years.

She added: “I am really proud of Bronte for being proactive and caring about the safety of our children, the wider community and for trying to make a difference.

“Parking has been an ongoing issue for many years and despite continuous conversations the problem remains the same.”