MEMBERS of Barnsley Youth Theatre are celebrating after receiving more than £26,000 in funding from Arts Council England.
The group, which meet in Staincross, will perform around Halloween at Mandela Gardens and RSPB Old Moor thanks to the funding.
Artistic director Jack Riley, 22, said he was ‘overwhelmed’ when he found out the funding had been approved and he’s hoping to get more youngsters off the streets and involved with the project.
“When I submitted the application I was 21 which is quite crazy,” he said.
“This will be my first project out of university.
“I didn’t think that we’d get anything in terms of funding because there’s such a high level of competition.
“It was so overwhelming and it’s really positive.”
Jack joined the theatre as a youngster and he said it helped him keep on the straight and narrow.
“When I joined as a youngster it really gave me a lot of opportunities I might not have had otherwise,” he said.
“It put me on a path which meant that I wasn’t misbehaving or out on the streets.
“We’re now going to be able to promote so many more opportunities.
“We currently have around 15 core participants and we’re looking at getting other groups involved, too.”
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