HARRY Prew arrived late for a fire service development session at Barnsley fire station but has been praised for stopping to help a man in difficulty.
The Silkstone teenager was commended by paramedics for coming to the aid of a man he found in a ditch.
Harry Prew, 19, was due for the session at Barnsley fire station, as part of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s Prince’s Trust Programme.
The man asked Harry, 19, if he could help him get up, but he didn’t want to risk moving him incase he hurt himself, so Harry stayed put until an ambulance arrived.
Paramedics later dropped in to personally thank Harry for the caring attitude he showed.
John Daley, Prince’s Trust team leader, said: “Harry has been very modest about his actions, but he displayed great professionalism and compassion and is another example of the amazing potential in all young people.”
Harry added: “The paramedics recognised him because he was supposed to be in hospital.
“He had walked from Barnsley Hospital to Penistone and ended up falling over a short wall into the ditch.
“When the ambulance crew arrived, I had to give them a hand to help him out, because where he was laid was at an awkward angle.
“I’m just glad I saw him and was able to help.”