OLD Mill Lane will be closed overnight tonight whilst further work on the road takes place – but the Council has confirmed that from tomorrow three lanes of traffic will be in operation.

Barnsley Council announced the closure earlier this week, between Harborough Hill Road and Old Tannery Road, as part of the widening scheme.

An alternative route will be available during the closure via Old Tannery Road, Burton Road, Rotherham Road, Pontefract Road and Harborough Hill Road.

The stretch of road has been cut down from three lanes to two since April whilst work takes place.

But the council have confirmed that from tomorrow, three lanes of traffic will be in operation.

The scheme will include a new bus lane, cycle paths, the relocation of a bus shelter, the removal of Asda’s recycling centre and the memorial to Kaye Pepper who died on July 13, 1996.

The proposals, which were revealed in January 2022, suggest the widening of the highway to include four lanes and a separate bus lane – five in total.

The initial plans were given the green light in October 2022 but the work is now set to pick up pace following the recent restrictions.

Plans are also in the pipeline to widen an adjoining road network, Wakefield Road, from three lanes to four.

This will include the provision of new footways, pedestrian crossings and two new bus stops.