A LOCAL MP has written to Barnsley Council asking what steps can be made to clear up ‘bird mess’ in her constituency.

Miriam Cates, who represents Penistone and Stocksbridge, took part in a litter-pick along Penistone High Street, the market barn and showground last weekend.

She joined up with local councillors and volunteers to tackle the problem following conversations with her constituents.

Ms Cates said: “Our high streets are community hubs, and they should be well loved and well used, so I was disappointed to see the level of litter, mess and waste that had been allowed to accumulate.

“During the litter-pick I enjoyed the chance to catch up with local residents and business owners to hear their thoughts about what needs to be done in the town.

“I’ve also written to Barnsley Council to ask what steps can be taken to clear up the bird mess that has built up in alleyways along the High Street.

“This is a particular concern for traders working with fresh food.”