TIME is running out to complete Barnsley Council’s gambling survey.

Monday is the last day residents can get involved, and the information gathered will help develop a borough-wide strategy for gambling and gambling-related harms.

Coun Jim Andrews, cabinet spokesperson for public health, said: “Gambling is a common part of our society, and it comes in many forms - a football coupon, a lottery ticket or a scratchcard bought over the counter in a corner shop or supermarket, for example.

“Children are even encouraged to participate in gambling while playing their online video games, through the purchase of loot boxes or in-game currencies, which introduces them to gambling-related behaviour at an early age.

“Problem gambling and addiction to gambling can have devastating effects on people and their families through financial issues which impact on their lives or, in extreme cases, can lead to suicide.”

To complete the survey, visit the Barnsley Council website.