AVID wildlife watchers are being invited to record any sightings of roadkill to help conservation efforts.

The rather macabre request is made by the wildlife charity, the People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) which will help them in their annual animal survey.

The Mammals on Roads app allows users to select which animals they find at the side of the road, which can help conservationists recognise which species need the most help.

David Wembridge, mammal surveys coordinator at PTES says: “Nobody likes seeing roadkill, but counting casualties can help conservation. Many of our native mammals are declining in number. We need all the help we can get to find out which species are at risk and try to turn their fate around.

Mammals on Roads is one of the few countryside-based wildlife surveys, and it couldn’t be easier to take part. If you have a smartphone, and are travelling as a passenger, we hope you’ll record sightings across the country on trips to different parts of Britain this summer.”

To take part, simply search for Mammals on Roads on the App Store or Google Play.