A MOTORIST is appealing for help after her car was damaged by a lorry this morning.

Hayley Perry was travelling along Church Hill in Royston at 8am when a flat-back tipper lorry approached her.

She reportedly gave way to the lorry but her white Kia Sportage was hit on the rear panel when the lorry passed her car.

“I felt this big bang, and my car shook when the lorry passed,” said Hayley, 37, from Wombwell. “I believe the back end of the lorry caught my car.

“I was quite shaken up about it,” she added. “Thank goodness my children weren't in the car otherwise they would have had a big shock.”

Hayley now wants to appeal to find the person who hit her car.

“I would like to find the company the driver worked for so I can contact them,” she said. “I don't think he knew he hit me and that's why he didn't stop but there's a hole and scratches at the back end of my car which will need to be repaired.”

If you have any information about the incident please email ch@barnsley-chronicle.co.uk.