A CAR wash in Cudworth has been fined £1,000 after it was found to have continued operating throughout the lockdown period, despite being deemed a ‘non-essential’ business.

The Cudworth Hand Car Wash Ltd, on Pontefract Road, was visited by a community safety officer who witnessed the car wash in operation.

The business was provided with a prohibition notice which is a legal instruction for the business to cease trading. If breached, the business could be prosecuted or be forced to close.

A fixed penalty notice was also issued for £1,000.

Julia Burrows, Barnsley director of public health, said: "This has been a very hard time for a number of Barnsley businesses, but the rules around which types of business can operate during the current lockdown are quite clear.

“The vast majority of Barnsley businesses and residents are making the effort to follow all the rules and guidance, even though it hasn’t been easy, and I thank them for this.

“There is no excuse for failing to follow the rules, we have provided support and information on support grants available to businesses via Enterprising Barnsley, and we will not hesitate to take action on those who do not comply.

"Our infection rates are currently very high compared with other areas of the country, which puts Barnsley in a very precarious position. Breaches like this put staff, customers and the wider public at increased risk.”