A DOG attack in Barnsley at the weekend has left a woman requiring constructive surgery.

On Sunday at 7.22pm, officers responded to reports of a dog bite in Goldthorpe. It is believed that an English Bull Dog attacked its owner and caused serious injuries to her hands and arms, leaving her requiring constructive surgery.

The woman, who lost consciousness, was taken to hospital by ambulance and her dog was seized.

South Yorkshire Police has said that it faced unprecedented demand over the weekend from reports of dangerous dogs.

A police spokeman said: “Each day we received on average around five reports for dogs out of control or causing injury or fear in our communities. This weekend (July 5-8) we have received 32 reports into our control room.

“Of those received, officers attended two incidents that led to serious injuries, with the 999 calls made within 20 minutes of each other.”

Following the incident in Goldthorpe, Doncaster officers attended Balby at 7:43pm, following reports a German Shepherd had escaped its property and attacked an innocent dog and its owner in the street, with the victim suffering bite wounds to her shoulder.

Chief Inspector Emma Cheney, leading the work on dangerous dogs in South Yorkshire said: “We are continuing to see incidents of dangerous dogs across South Yorkshire and during 2024, we have seized over 500 dogs for various reasons.

“Our priority is to protect the public, and innocent members of our communities. Last week we sadly saw a two-year-old girl mauled by a loose dog; this is not acceptable and irresponsible ownership will be dealt with by the courts.

“Every time we attend an incident, it comes at a cost, including the resources responding and kennelling, as well as the additional pressure on the ambulance service and hospitals caring for those injured.

“Owners must take action. If you own a dog, be a responsible dog owner and protect yourself, your family and those living near to you.”

You are more likely to be bitten by a dog in your own home. Police are advising for everyone’s safety:

  • Do not leave children unattended with dogs

  • Walk your dog on a lead in public areas

  • Make sure your dog has somewhere safe and comfortable to go when you have visitors.