A WATH-UPON-DEARNE surgery has advised patients to receive their vaccine at a national centre to help ease the strain on local GP surgeries while more vulnerable patients are vaccinated.

Market Surgery has shared the information after patients in the cohort six bracket (moderate risk patients and carers), and those in cohorts seven to nine (55 to 60 years old) received letters inviting them to vaccinate in Sheffield and Wakefield.

A spokesperson for the surgery said: “Locally we are prioritising vaccinating patients in cohorts one to six as these patients are deemed the most at risk due to their age or underlying health conditions.

“Cohort six is a very large number of patients and it is therefore taking us some time to invite and vaccinate these patients as local vaccine supply becomes available.

“Please be assured that if you are in cohort six you will be invited for local vaccination should you prefer this to attending a national site.

“Please do not contact the surgery to enquire about your vaccine - we have a dedicated Rotherham Vaccine Booking Team who will contact you directly to book your appointment.”

Photo: Google