THERE were five seperate fires in a single night this week as firefighters tackled blazes across the borough.

Overnight on Wednesday night (November 18 - 19), firefighters attended fires in Hoyland, Wombwell and Darfield.

Firefighters from Tankersley station were called out to a fire in Wombwell on Wednesday.

Upon arrival on Dovecliffe Road, at 11pm, the crew found a car that had been deliberately set alight.

They left the scene at midnight.

Elsewhere, a fire crew from Cudworth station were called out to a fire in the town centre on Wednesday night.

Upon arrival on Grove Street, at 8pm, the crew found a deliberate rubbish fire.

They left the scene at 8.25pm.

That evening, firefighters from Cudworth station attended a fire in Darfield.

Upon arrival on Church Street, at 8.30pm, the crew found two wheelie bins set alight.

The fire was started deliberately started and they left the scene at 9pm.

Another incident was a wheelie bin fire in Lundwood that same evening.

The crew extinguished the fire on Long Avenue after arriving on scene at 7.05pm.

They came away at 7.30pm.

On Thursday morning, a fire crew from Barnsley station attended a rubbish fire in Hoyland.

Upon arrival on Clough Fields Road, at 6.05am, the crew extinguished the fire and deemed it to have been set alight deliberately.

They left the scene at 6.40am.