BARNSLEY Age UK has launched its first over-50 yoga class aimed to keep older people fit and social.

The town centre charity has teamed up with Charlie Green of Retro Fitness in Wombwell to set up the beginners class.

The sessions, led by Fiona Slater, aim to encourage positive mental health in over-50s who may not have other opportunities to be social.

Tracy Hughes, social inclusion worker at Age UK, said: “It was fabulous to see the first group stretching, relaxing and providing wellness for both mind and body.

“It was great to hear people who had just met for the first time sharing stories about the new class.

“There were also people who hadn’t seen each other face-to-face for many months, that reunion was heart-warming, their faces aglow with friendship and positivity.”

If you’re over 50 and live in Wombwell or Darfield, call 07702 216316 for more information or to book a space.