MORE than 174 social media posts were made about badly behaved pets in Barnsley last year, figures released from a nation-wide survey reveal.

Property company, Good Move has released the statistics which show which of our furry friends cause the most damage to our homes.

Amongst our furry friends, Labradors were voted the most mischievous dog and moggies the most mischievous cats.

More than 35 per cent of damage caused by pets across the country was caused when pets dug up garden flowers, and 26 per cent of owners reported having their shoes or clothing chewed.

Nima Ghasri, director at Good Move, says: “It’s no secret that we all love our furry companions, but the little devils can cause damage to our household contents, as our research has revealed.

“Be sure to keep valuable items out of the way of pets to ensure nothing gets damaged.

“A lot of the time, when a pet acts out, it’s usually because they’re bored. So, take them for a walk, or grab their favourite toy to play with.

“After all, you don’t want your brand-new sofa, or freshly laid carpet to bear the brunt of their mischievous behaviour.”