THIS is the ‘worst year in recent memory’ for hedgehog injuries as experts urge Barnsley residents to bring the hurt hedgehogs to local shelters.

Jayne Hartley, who set up Micklefield Hedgehogs in Leeds and has campaigned across South Yorkshire, has called for residents across the borough to keep a look out for the endangered animals.

Local hedgehog rescues throughout the borough include Barnsley Vets4Pets on Wilthorpe Road, Harts Hedgehog Rescue in Cawthorne and Watermeadows Hedgehog Rescue in Penistone.

Jayne told We Are Barnsley: “Across South Yorkshire, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of hedgehogs needing our urgent care.

“We’re not sure whether this is down to people in lockdown spending more time in their gardens.

“This can lead to more accidents and more hedgehogs needing care.”

Jayne is encouraging Barnsley residents to take injured hedgehogs to the three shelters across the town.

“Hedgehogs have no protection at all, and in South Yorkshire this issue has been mounting.

“I started a website so people would know exactly where to take the hedgehogs if they find them.

“We must protect these animals as they’re becoming more endangered by the day. It’s our responsibility to keep an eye out.”

To find the full list of hedgehog shelters across South Yorkshire, click the link here.