A YOUNG cafe worker who has gone ‘above and beyond’ to support her local community has been nominated for a Young Champions award.

Katie Pickering, who works at Maggie’s Cafe in Monk Bretton, has been making food for elderly residents who are no longer able to visit the cafe.

The 19-year-old, from Stainton Close, New Lodge, has been delivering elderly residents’ shopping and posting leaflets from the council with coronavirus information on them through their doors.

Maggie Wood, her mum, has been impressed with Katie’s ambition to keep people safe and fed.

“During this lockdown, I’ve seen her calling our older customers to check on them and to see if there’s anything she can do to help.

“She’s so dedicated to the job and she’s made a real connection with the customers that we have and wants to make sure they’re taken care of.

“I know everyone’s in the same position and some people will say ‘it’s keeping her busy and giving her something to do’ – but she’s taken on this responsibility without making a fuss.”

Katie also helps to run a community group in Monk Bretton where she helps to fundraise for the community.

“She’s one of the leaders of the Full House Community Group as well.

“She helps to organise community fundraisers and events that our local councillors often attend.

“Obviously with the restrictions at the moment, the meetings have been put on hold. But she’s already got more ideas of what the community group can do next.”

Her efforts have resulted in a nomination for Young Community Hero at the Young Champions awards.

“I’m incredibly proud of her. I think she has really gone above and beyond for her community and it’d be nice to see that recognised.

“I know she’s looking forward to getting back in the cafe and to get into the community again.”