WEDNESDAY marks the annual summer Picnic in the Park for the people of Wombwell - but organisers have said it could be the last due to a lack of funding.

The much-loved event has been held in Wombwell Park by a committed group of volunteers for more than a decade - but the Friends of Wombwell Park group say they are struggling to deliver the usual experience amid rising costs.

Mary Taylor, 68, said interest in the event, while never dwindling, needs to translate to more money being raised to ensure it can keep going in its established format.

“If we don’t manage to raise more money it could be the last picnic,” said Mary, of Dearne Close.

“As things get more expensive it gets harder to keep the same standard of activities going on.

“We’re trying to shake people up a bit. We get people coming from all over, we don’t even have to put posters up.

“We know some people haven’t got a lot of money so we try to keep it manageable for people.”

Mary said the limited number of picnics would only be available to people from Wombwell.

There will also be fairground rides, bouncy castles, donkey rides and a range of stalls - with the group aiming to keep prices as low as possible so ‘all children can have the same experience’.

The Picnic in the Park will take place from 11am to 3pm on Wednesday.