POLICE have vowed to continue targeting areas blighted by illegal off-road bikers after the latest action day took place last week.

Operation Lapel, which was launched in Barnsley last year due to the high volume of complaints from residents relating to motorbikes and quads, involved police and council officers.

The Trans Pennine Trail, off Bradberry Balk Lane, Wombwell Woods and Bolton pit stacks were all visited by a team of off-road officers from the police, while the council’s drone was also deployed.

Sgt Mark Ellis said: “We have got a plan now and we also need to be talking to petrol stations who need to take greater steps to make sure it’s harder for these people to get around.

“Operation Lapel will become a regular sight on the streets of Barnsley, so think twice before you use a vehicle illegally. You could find your vehicle being seized and face a fine, or a day at court.”