SCHOOLCHILDREN took to the streets to tell motorists off for parking on zig-zag lines during drop-off times.

Pupils from Holy Rood Primary School, on Shaw Street, issued ‘warning leaflets’ to motorists who parked in prohibited areas outside the school to drop their children off, in addition to putting them on the windscreens of cars who were parked on a junction.

Karen Dobson, headteacher at Holy Rood, said: “As a school we are fed up of seeing parents parking on zig-zag lines, junctions or double yellow lines to drop their children off to school in the morning.

“There are three primary schools on Shaw Lane and it’s ridiculous to see how inconsiderate people park but more importantly to see the danger they are putting children in who are crossing the road to get to school.

“From 8.40am to 9am there are constant obstructions and the congestion is terrible. It’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt.

“I’ve contacted the council who have sent a number plate recognition vehicle on a number of occasions to monitor the situation, but it is an ongoing problem which needs a solution.”

On Friday the group issued ten motorists with the warning leaflet and several motorists were told to move as they slowed down to park.

Coun Chris Lamb, Cabinet spokesperson for Environment and Transportation, said: “Parking restrictions are in place outside our schools to maintain visibility for both drivers and pedestrians. Parents who park irresponsibly need to be aware these restrictions exist to ensure their children’s safety.

“Our Road Safety team offer a range of initiatives for both primary and secondary schools across Barnsley and have been working with Holy Rood Catholic Primary School about road safety awareness and safe parking outside their school.

“We would like to remind parents that parking on zig-zag and double yellow lines is dangerous and puts children’s lives at risk.

“People found to be illegally parking will be dealt with through the appropriate fixed penalty notices.”