A NUMBER of parents have been fined for taking their children out of school for unauthorised holidays during term time.

Eight parents were convicted of failing to ensure their children regularly attended school, at a hearing which took place on Thursday.

Defendants were issued heavy fines, along with costs and surcharges. Across these eight cases, parents were collectively ordered to pay more than £5,700.

Rachel Dickinson, Executive Director for People, said: “Barnsley Council and the Magistrates Court take unauthorised absence from school seriously; all the parents fined took the holiday despite the schools not authorising the absence.

“They also did not pay the initial penalty fine imposed of £60 per child, or the increased amount of £120 per child.

“This resulted in the parents being prosecuted for the unauthorised absence.

“We want to improve attendance levels across the borough to enable children and young people to have the best chance to fulfil their potential.

“Once a child starts school, parents and carers are responsible for making sure that they attend regularly and are not taken out of school unnecessarily.”