PARENTS dropping off their children at Carlton Primary School will no longer be able to park on Fish Dam Lane after the council approved plans to tackle ‘problem’ parking.

No waiting at any time restrictions will be placed on both sides of Fish Dam Lane and its junction with Manor Farm Close.

Parents parking illegally on the road has become an issue – and the council’s proposals are aiming to tackle that.

A report states: “Fish Dam Lane is a busy carriageway which serves residential and commercial properties as well as Carlton Primary School.

“It is also a route for buses and heavy goods vehicles.

“In recent years, parent drop-off and pick-up parking has become an increasing problem near the school.

“Parking currently takes place on both sides of the carriageway, compromising sight lines and creating road safety implications.

“Having investigated the issue, it is proposed to introduce waiting restrictions on parts of both sides of Fish Dam Lane and its junction with Manor Farm Close.

“The proposal is regarded as the best and most appropriate option to counter and deter the inconsiderate, obstructive and illegal parking.

“The proposed restrictions will maintain a free flow of traffic, visibility and improve overall road safety for children and parents.”

Physical engineering measures such as bollards and railings were considered but these were deemed to be too intrusive on the carriageway and footway for other road users.