ROADS Policing Officers are warning drivers, including those that deliver parcels, to be extra vigilant in the run up to Christmas, as there is often an increase in car thefts and opportunist thieves trying their luck at this time of year.

Delivery drivers are being urged to remember that car thieves are watching, and they will take their chance to steal your vehicle and parcels.

Also, as the mornings become colder, there is also an increase of cars with their engines running on driveways while windscreens clear from ice and snow and criminals will take this opportunity to steal your car.

Officers also warn that It is important to lock your car every time you get out of it. Do not leave your car running for any reason, even on your own driveway.

“If officers see a car engine running without a driver inside, they can report you to your insurance company or issue you with a fine.

“Stolen cars are more likely to be used in further crimes, and will often be driven dangerously with the drivers taking extra risks, including failing to stop for officers. This creates risks for other drivers on the road and pedestrians, and gives thieves the opportunity to commit crimes and impact on people’s lives.

“Please be vigilant and remember to lock your car, never leave your car unattended and remove all personal items when leaving your car.”