LOCAL musician Tom Masters is now taking on the charts after winning a major award for his music earlier in the year.

The singer-songwriter, who spent his childhood working with Barnsley Youth Choir, has been rocketing to fame recently.

Back in June he won the Bank’s Got Talent singing competition, walking away with a huge £10,000 cash prize, and is now rising through the iTunes charts.

His latest single – You’ll Be Fine – was released two weeks ago and quickly reached number one in the singer-songwriter charts and climbed to number 11 in the all genres charts.

“I’m obviously delighted with the response,” Tom said.

“It was a massive surprise – when I woke up I was at number two in the singer-songwriter category and within the hour it had reached number one.

“It’s all down to the generosity of people, I’ve got lots of people who I need to thank for this.”

The song itself was written during a difficult time in Tom’s life after he had experienced his first panic attack while at university.

“I honestly thought I’d never share it,” Tom added.

“I now really hope after having kept that part of my life secret for some time, that by sharing this song it can maybe help others in a similar way.

“The bottom line is, take that risk and do something that scares you because something really amazing and fulfilling might happen as a result.”