A BRUCE Lee super fan is asking for public help to complete a documentary on martial arts by offering their memories of the sport in Barnsley.

Carl Fox, of Moorlands Avenue, Kingstone, started his first book in a 15-part series during lockdown - and he’s now onto his seventh.

He is currently working on a documentary about the Bruce Lee craze of the 1970s - and as part of the project he wants to hear from locals about their memories of martial arts in the town.

He said: “Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Kung Fu craze in Britain.

“The documentary is about how martial arts started in Barnsley, the people involved, the effect - good and bad - the Kung Fu craze had on the martial arts scene and the continued evolution of martial arts in the town.

“Back in the 60s, you’d have had karate and perhaps judo but not much else.

“Then in the 1970s, Kung Fu clubs would have opened up, having been made popular by Bruce Lee films and other Kung Fu films.

“Nowadays, you have kickboxing clubs, jujitsu clubs, MMA clubs.

“If anyone has any stories to tell about their involvement in martial arts or boxing in the 60s and 70s, I’d love to hear from them.

“Also, if anyone has any photos or videos they have to share from the time and would like them to be included in the documentary, please feel free to get in touch.”

Those who want to get involved should contact Carl via email at carl@pitwheelpress.com.