PENISTONE Round Table charity rally team took gold in their Mario-themed vehicle.

Embarking on the 1,500-mile Skinflint Rally to Vienna at the end of September, Penistone Round Table sent out two rally teams who managed to raise £8,000 for the Children’s Hospital Charity in Sheffield.

Both teams completed the massive trek, with those dressed as Mario characters winning first place, while the second Jurassic Park themed team finished only a few places behind.

It’s the second time a team from Penistone has entered the competition, having also won the event in 2021.

“It was such an amazing experience,” said Jon Gilbert, from Penistone Round Table.

“We drove along some of Europe’s most challenging roads surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

“But it was having a laugh as part of an amazing team and completing the Top Gear-style challenges along the way that made the trip unforgettable.”