A FUNDRAISING champion who has already taken on multiple physical challenges for charity has recently completed his most difficult yet.

Gavin Coles, 45, a warehouse manager who volunteers as a boxing coach, decided to partake in the Seriously Brutal Duathlon last month.

The aptly-named challenge saw him run 15 miles and cycle 116 miles, all before ascending and descending the 1,085 metres of Mount Snowdon.

The epic event took Gavin just shy of 19 hours, and ended with him raising a total of £1,311 for Barnsley Hospice.

Gavin said: “Physically it broke me.

“I had to put myself through a 20-week training camp which I could only describe as consuming.

“I’m doing it on top of work and volunteering so it’s all about finding the time.

“I’ve got to admit I was in bits at the end – in the final hours I was caffeinated to the high heavens.

“I’ve also planned on doing an ultra marathon this weekend which I’m still preparing for – I’ll definitely be at the start line, let’s see if I’m at the finish.”

Gavin has previously done similarly difficult challenges for the charity, including a cross country cycle from Lands’ End to John o’Groats and undertaking the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

“My wife’s grandma passed away at the hospice a few years back so we’ve been trying to support them since.

“We try and do something every month, but the stupid ones like this are mostly annual.

“Honestly my dream is to do an iron man challenge before I’m 50.

“I’ve got to practice my swimming though – I can swim, but it’s like a brick.”