A HOYLAND Common Primary school teacher has paid tribute to a teaching assistant who he remembers helping him as a shy six-year-old and who is now working alongside him nurturing today’s pupils.

Year two teacher Cameron Thomas has nominated Lynne Rewston for a Proud of Barnsley award in the Children’s Champion category.

“Twenty-three years and still going! Lynne has worked at Hoyland Common tirelessly supporting children day in day out and is a true Children’s Champion. Lynne has gained the knowledge, skills and techniques to be such an outstanding teaching assistant and cover supervisor,” said Cameron.

“From a more personal point, Lynne is now the teaching assistant with my first class as a qualified teacher but I personally remember my time when I was a shy six-year-old in the same classroom that I now teach in when Lynne ‘Rew’ was the teaching assistant that supported me to achieve so much when I was a Y2 pupil at Hoyland Common.

“I remember the laughs, the smiles and all the outstanding support that she offered to me and my peers when I was a pupil at Hoyland Common. More recently, 14 years since I left the school as a pupil, I re-joined Hoyland Common Primary as a Y2 teacher in 2021, where I was lucky enough to have Lynne assigned to my class as our teaching assistant. I have now worked alongside Lynne for two years and I honestly could not wish for a better Children’s Champion to be working with the pupils that I am teaching today!”

Cameron’s nomination goes on to say that Lynne often steps into a classroom with less than one hour’s notice and teaches the children in absence of the classroom teacher, ensuring that the teaching and learning for these children are not affected.

“Lynne is a true genius and legend to our school. Both children and staff truly could not cope without her. Lynne is a true natural and works with all children and treats children with equality and individuality no matter of their ability or need. Lynne faces each task with a smile on her face and is an absolute children’s champion because of all the hours of effort that she has put into supporting the teaching and learning of all the past, present and, no doubt, the future pupils of Hoyland Common Primary,” the nomination continues.

And pupils, who Lynne has worked with in the past year, have clearly benefited from her influence:

“Mrs Rewston has played games with me to help me talk about my emotions and how I am feeling, she makes me smile and laugh.”

“Mrs Rewston has helped me find some new friends this year.”

“Mrs Rewston is really crazy like Mr Thomas, she makes me laugh because she tells me jokes and lets me have sensory breaks to help me when I am concentrating on my learning.”

“When Mr Thomas or Mrs Huckstepp or Miss Lloyd are not here, Mrs Rewston teaches us and we always have fun because Mrs Rewston is super kind and always helps us with everything.”

Cameron says that her ability to connect with students on an individual level encourages them to develop a love for learning and to strive for personal excellence. Lynne’s passion for education is readily apparent in her commitment to promoting a lifelong love for learning among our pupils.

“I would go as far as saying that I firmly believe that Lynne Rewston is an exemplary cover supervisor and teaching assistant who deserves the highest praise for her outstanding contributions to our school community. Her kind, helpful, and polite manner, combined with her organisational capabilities and dedication to promoting a love for learning, make her an exceptional nomination for Children’s Champion.”