A YOUNG scout at the 22nd Barnsley Central Scout Group has foraged his first badge as part of their new early years squirrel programme.

Opening last July, the group focuses on four and five year olds to help them go out adventuring and develop their own life skills.

Rory Kindred, five, is the first of this cohort to earn the Chief Scout Acorn Badge, an award that required him to complete four challenges where he learnt about himself, the world, adventure and working together – opening the doors for this important group.

Group scout leader Rachel Cook said: “We wanted to open a wider net to allow different generations to come and join us.

“Every week we’ve been getting calls for new members, but we’re restricted cause of the amount of adult volunteers.

“There’s some training volunteers have to do, but we want people to bring their own live experiences and skills.”

Rachel specifically noted Connor Fielding, whose gardening skills have been invaluable in teaching and helping the kids of the group.

“We’ve got a massive bit of land that Connor has helped keep in order.

“Volunteers are really enjoying their time – we get leaders who’ve had a naff day at work then leave here relaxed.”

For more information on volunteering contact Rachel at: gsl@22ndcentralscouts.co.uk