JIM Morton spent more than 500 days walking from coast-to-coast but he said writing his new book was just as hard.

The 63-year-old dad-of-three from Penistone set off in a motorhome with his wife Sue and dogs Shona and Maisie on April 12 2021 the day the Covid lockdown ended to undertake his walk of a lifetime.

It was back in 1967 that seven-year-old Jim saw a programme about lighthouses, developed a love for them and decided that one day he would undertake the walk and see them all.

He spent 537 days on his trek around the entire British coastline to fulfil a life-long dream and to raise money for the Ghurka Welfare Trust which provides aid to Ghurka veterans, their families and communities.

When he returned home in September, he was given a hero’s welcome but it didn’t take him long for him to start his next challenge.

He has now released his new book called I May Be Gone A While and he admits creating the diary was almost as hard as his journey.

“It took me 537 days to walk around the coast and it’s taken me 237 days to write this book,” he said.

“It was almost as hard as the walking was.

“A lot has happened since my journey.

“I won a Proud of Barnsley award which was fantastic.

“It’s 328 pages long and it’s really a diary which shows what I did day-to-day on my walk.

“It’s £10 and if someone would like a copy they should contact me.”