SOUTH Yorkshire Police are urging motorists to keep their vehicles secure after a spate of thefts from vehicles and thefts of vehicles across the county.

Vehicle owners are being encouraged not leave any items in their vehicles when unattended, particularly overnight.

Items such as phones, money, laptops, bags, and tools can be extremely attractive to an offender and are the everyday items that often get left on show in vehicles.

There has also been a rise in the number of vehicle thefts, and police are urging motorists to take extra steps to secure your vehicle and reduce the chances of becoming a victim of vehicle crime.

Police advice includes:


• If you’ve got a keyless car, get a signal blocking pouch, container, or box to keep your keys in

• Invest in simple old-fashioned measures, such as a steering wheel lock or foot pedal lock, which put criminals off even having a go at your car

• Park in a locked garage or other secure area if you have one, or in a well-lit open space if not

• Consider using immobilisers to prevent hot-wiring and driving off with unattended vehicles

• Never leave the vehicle’s keys in the ignition, in the same outbuilding as the vehicle, or near your front door inside your home

• Be vigilant when using your vehicle for anyone acting suspiciously or taking an interest in it

• Have the vehicle’s windows etched with the vehicle identification number

• Review your home and business premises security, consider CCTV, gates, a Ring doorbell etc

• Fit a vehicle tracking system to assist yourself and the police in locating the vehicle if it has been stolen

Superintendent Jamie Henderson added: “We know how distressing having your vehicle or any property stolen can be for people and taking small steps to reduce people taking an interest in your vehicle can deter thieves from taking advantage.

“I would encourage you to be vigilant when using your vehicle and watch out for anyone acting suspiciously or taking an interest in it.

“If you notice anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 101, or if you need immediate assistance, dial 999.”

You can also report using the online portal by using the link here: