A BARNSLEY man who is caring for his cancer-stricken wife has blasted British Gas – after a mix-up left the couple with no heating for two months.

Sharon and Gary Fletcher have been unable to deposit money on their meter since September when an engineer installed a new smart meter.

Despite ‘impossible’ efforts to request the four-digit pin that was promised to them by British Gas on its installation, the couple say they have been abandoned by the company.

Gary told the Chronicle: “It is not that we don’t have the money to spend on our gas, we are very lucky as we know many can’t at the minute, but it is impossible for us to be able to do so.

“We have had many communications with British Gas over their app, phone calls, emails and it has all been to no avail.

“They have promised to email our pin and to send it through the mail and we just haven’t received a thing – it is paramount that with my wife’s condition she stays warm.

“We have bought a few electric heaters but they don’t do much for keeping the home warm in this weather.”

Sharon has a condition called myeloma – a blood and bone cancer which is terminal.

She added: “Does someone have to die of hypothermia in a home this winter before something happens? I need to keep warm.”

A spokesperson from British Gas apologised to the couple for the error.

“We're sorry that no top-up card was sent at the time,” they said.

“It's clear that we should've issued this and we've sent a new card which will be with them as soon as possible.

“We've spoken with Mr and Mrs Fletcher and sent a text with a reference number which will allow them to top up online without needing to go to a pay point.

“Mr and Mrs Fletcher accepted our apology for the time taken to fix this and are happy with the resolution.”