A MENTAL health charity praised the launch of a new NHS digital support app after an ‘unprecedented demand’ for local mental health services.

Rotherham and Barnsley Mind, who support hundreds of locals with counselling and other services, have praised the new app which was launched to Barnsley NHS users last week.

The emotional wellness app, MyStrength, is described as being designed to help people ‘stress less, sleep better and live happier’.

Mark Bridges, services and development manager for Rotherham and Barnsley Mind, said: “Through Covid we adapted our services and found that virtual mental health services can be equally as effective as face to face support.

“Not everyone wants an in-person consultation, so this app could provide support for anyone who feels more comfortable accessing support digitally.

“We’ve seen an unprecedented demand for mental health services in Barnsley both during and after the pandemic.

“The addition of The Teladoc myStrength app could be an additional support to local people.

“The twenty four-seven ‘always-on’ nature of the app may help to answer the changing needs of our population and offer support when people need it most.

“We welcome the introduction of a free service to support people and remove any barriers to getting help.

“We hope that myStrength can become a universal offer to anyone who needs help and wants to access it in the way the app offers.”

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play by typing in ‘Teladoc MyStrength Emotional Wellness’ and then using the code ‘southyorkshirewellness’ when prompted.