A FOLK concert held to raise funds for the people of war-torn Ukraine raised more than £1,000.

The afternoon concert was held by Chris McShane and the Penistone Folk Ensemble at St Andrew’s Church on Penistone High Street.

A total of £1,040 was raised for the UNICEF Ukraine Appeal for Ukrainians left in need after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, led by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Artists including Chris McShane, Rod Egglestone, Clive Langman, Barnsdale Hood, Daz Barry, Ralph Shaw, The Flute Quartet, The Four Of Us, The Mandolin Group and The Penistone Folk Ensemble performed.

Alan Jones, one half of duo Barnsdale Hood, said: “It was a full and wonderful afternoon, with people popping in all through the afternoon keeping the church full and enjoying the music from local singers, groups and entertainers.”