AFTER this weekend’s bad weather the gritting team was out in force in a bid to help keep roads across the borough safe for commuters.

The team head out during the night to help minimise disruption to commuters - they pre-grit the roads ahead of forecast snowfall which can help the snow to melt quickly and allow roads to reman open.

They receive weather reports which allow them to understand when to grit the roads and the teams head back out during the day to continue to treat primary roads.

However, the act of simply gritting the roads isn’t enough to keep roads clear. Incidentally, it’s traffic that help activate the grit which churns up the fresh snowfall and mixes it with the salt - which then causes it to melt.

A spokesperson for Barnsley Council said: “We’re doing our best in these not very nice conditions to keep you safely moving around our borough.

“Our teams started early in the morning and they continue to treat primary roads throughout the day and respond to any enquiries we are able to. Further action is to be instructed after a forecast is received in the evening.”